Getting yourself inked with tattoo pictures is surely an in mania. But you need to also be very careful before making this decision, as to what to get inked with, which design and specially where on your body. Because these tattoo pictures are permanent and getting them out from your body will not only charge you great money but also is accompanied by pain. Get a run-down on some of the best places to flaunt your exclusive tattoo pictures that will make it very visible and yet concealed.

The first sexy place for a woman to get herself a tattoo is the hip. If you are one of those hot and happening women with wild characteristics, this place is apt for you. let this be at the So when you are flaunting that super sexy bikini with the most-awed tattoo picture, you know everybody is gonna be checking you out.

One of the most commonly used places by women is the tailbone. This is one of the most-awed places and your tattoo can be freely seen by sneaking a peak especially while bending down to pick some thing or especially while you are wearing low waist jeans. You get your name or even an urban sun inked on the tailbone.

If you want your tattoo pictures to be more clandestine and only to be seen by your beloved than the place just above your pubic area can be something to look for. Even actress Angelina Jolie has one there. It can be either something which you are or maybe an alphabetical tattoo. It can also work as a teaser for your boyfriend to just let him know what you actually mean.

Another exciting place is the belly button. Gone are the days when belly buttons were supposed to be pierced. Now they look hot with a tattoo that depicts or says something about you. You can either get yourself tattoo pictures inked on the left or the right side of the belly button or flaunt it while wearing a short shirt or a top. Some of other places that are apt for getting these tattoos done are ankles, arms, nape area, even just above the cheat area etc.

So what is your place to get those exclusive tattoos pictures on?

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