So you’ve decided to get a new tattoo but not sure where you want it? The worse thing is to ruin a good tattoo by placing it somewhere on your body that doesn’t display it properly or distorts the shape. Let’s take a look at some simple guidelines to choosing a location for a new tattoo.

1. Determine the general shape of your new tattoo. Is it more circular or square? Maybe its longer than it is wide. The general shape and size is the first thing to determine. For example round tattoos looks great on shoulders, upper backs, thighs etc. A round tattoo on a forearm might be distorted since it will wrap around preventing it from being seen easily. A longer tattoo such as a dagger or prowling tiger would fit much better going down a forearm or calf. Such a tattoo might waste a lot of skin in other areas where you might want a tattoo at a later date.

2. Choose an appropriate location for what your getting. I had a friend get 2 dolphins circling her belly button. Great tattoo till she got pregnant then it looked hilarious and afterwards was ruined by stretch marks. When getting a personal or controversial tattoo you might not want it on an area where it is not easily covered for work or going out. Girls are you considering breast enhancement or reduction in the future? If so maybe the breast is the wrong area for now for a new tattoo.

3. Consider future tattoo’s you might get. If you have plans for more tattoos in the future where will you want them? Could the design and location conflict with something else your going to get? These are important questions as having random type of tattoos in one area can sometimes look terrible. A lot of large areas are great for a series of themed tattoos all done with the similar style.

It is important to know exactly what your getting, both now and in the future, when picking a location for your new tattoo.

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