Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

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Clearly there is not limit in the range of designs a girl can choose from when selecting a sleeve tattoo, however we’ve determined that the most common sleeve tattoos for women often include flowers, sometimes as the centerpiece or perhaps to complement a larger design.

Green vegetation sleeve tattoo idea for women.
Large flower and peacock idea.
Colorful artwork with four leaf clovers.
Nautical star with large rose.
Youthful toy inspired art.
Bright cosmic design picture.

Forearm Tattoos For Women

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Checkout this little picture gallery of excellent forearm tattoo ideas for women, consisting of some very well inked designs ranging in style from cupcakes to nautical stars, which are quite popular among men as well.

Unlike their male counterpart, its far less common to see women with sleeve tattoos, however its not complete rare either. Women tend to prefer a single tattoo design on the forearm area or perhaps a compilation of two pieces of art.

Nautical stars forearm tattoo.
Lovely sunflower idea for the ladies.
Tribal hooks and red roses.
Celtic inspired crown and heart idea.
Mix of tribal and single red star.
Script idea for girl or guys.
Delicious cupcake with tasty sprinkles on top…

Foot Tattoos For Women

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The foot is a very popular area for women to get a tattoo, often on the top portion or along the side of the foot. This location is beloved for being for perhaps the cutest of all the appendages of the human body.

Women seem to prefer tattoo designs which possess extreme beauty with a tough of artsy appeal, and some of the more common tattoos designs include flowers, stars and vines.

Checkout these pictures of women with lovely foot artwork.

Flower idea snapshot.
Shooting stars artwotk.
Stars and vine for ladies.
Up close idea for girls.
Small flower idea picture.
Swirl of stars image.
Butterfly and name photo.

Face Tattoos For Girls

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Believe it or not girls with face tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, which is quite surprising if you ask me.

Here we have a small collection of beautiful girls with face tattoos, and if you decide to get a facial tattoo design, think long and hard about all the possible consequences which may follow.

Stars on left temple.
Danger tiger design.
So many stars.
Kat Von D photo.
Tribal looking artwork on beautiful girl.

Arm Tattoo Ideas For Girls

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These arm tattoo pictures below display some excellent ideas for girls searching for quality arm tattoos. As you can see these tattoos below are very colorful and quite vibrant in appearance which seems to be a trend with the ladies.

Bold beautiful and flashy is a common style we see with many women who chose arm artwork. Checkout these pictures we have here and perhaps conjure up some good ideas for the design you are seeking.

Flames and stars.
Rose, heart and spiderweb.
Colorful dragon.
Cute cupcake on forearm.

Kari Wuhrer Tattoos

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Kari Wuhrer is a lovely American actress who has starred in dozens of movies, as well as television shows, best know for her role in the series, Sliders.

Kari Wuhrer has two tattoo designs on her body, including the name of her ex husband on her left ankle and a peacock feather on her back.

She has since had both tattoos removed and was quoted as saying “The 80’s are over, man!”.

Lady Gaga Hip Tattoo

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Wondering about Lady Gaga’s lower back and hip tattoo?

Lady Gaga has a large tattoo which contains a total of six roses and a lot of vines, the tattoo design starts on her lower back and reaches around her left hip and then goes up her left side.

The tattoo was drawn by famous tattoo artist Kat Von D.

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