Most women who decide to get a tattoo will go for sexy tattoo designs as it will lead to more attention and added appeal. Most women these days are obsessed with looking stylish and sexy, and they will not mind some pain in getting there. The tattoos women get are in most cases a reflection of their personality and what they want people to know about them. It is a representation of the strength they posses and also a reflection on their womanhood.

The essence of tattoos on women is the location of the tattoo. Although the design is important, it will not attract a lot of attention if it is not in the right location. A tattoo in the right location on a women’s body will be a lot sexier than one in the wrong location. Women have several places that they normally get their tattoos and some of the top locations will follow below.

The lower part of a women’s belly is an ideal place for a tattoo, especially if the woman has firm abs. Seeing that this location is relatively close to her more private parts, it will lead to a lot of appeal for those looking at it.

Tattoos on the lower back area are still in fashion, and a lot of women decide to go for this location even though it has been branded as cheap. If the woman getting the tattoo has the right attitude and some good style, there will be no problems with this location.

Foot tattoos are still becoming more and more popular amongst women, and most women seem to go for this option these days. These tattoos are usually very tiny and will be pretty designs such as butterflies, zodiac signs, flowers and letters.

Research has proved that the ink used for tattoos are not dangerous to your health, and for that reason there is nothing stopping women to get sexy tattoo designs. Just make sure that you place your tattoo on the right spot, as it will be much sexier this way.

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