>First TattooYour first tattoo help guide. I think the first thing I would say why you get a tattoo. If you can not make up your mind about what you want to have a tattoo to get the wrong reasons and the resistance is that your way of thinking to tell you that. If you are unsure about the reason for that is because you want and it makes you feel good to think about getting a tattoo is great. Let’s go. Next issue is no urgent hurry tattooists will not run out of ink or time for you, believe me.

First TattooOK so we are happy and calm, not point a tattoo when you are angry about something no matter how it seems to just be anger forever. Do not want to see a picture you think you do when you get angry when you were happy. I once believed possible to avoid, where words and names as a reminder of someone or something to do with taking a picture, be creative, or ask you to you the tattoo artist make a picture . For example if you have a girlfriend named Mary and she red hair and your hair is black, instead of Mary on your back tattooed in big black Gothic letters. How about getting the red fire that seems a bit on this fire and black hair the appearance of a strip Mobis symbolizes your union. If things changed in the future but make sure you always date red heads and you’ll be fine (yeah my attempt at humor), but see my point.

If you can not imagine what a symbol. Try writing a decrease of 5 things that matter most to you in the world. After searching for flash or design symbol for it or get someone to draw up a design with these things match for you. You can find the one that jumps on you. But it does not bear in mind. When you have a tattoo of the second and third and so is much easier to set the bar low so if you rush yourself a patch work of any style that you can still pack in 10 or 20 years now .

If everyone can not get something universal takes for your first tattoo.

First TattooTattoos for women, something beautiful, for example your favorite kind of flowers you do not feel bad in the future (unless its in your face!)
Tattoos for men, something might, lower abdomen, a dragon symbolizes
For those who do not want their tattoo is either female or male: a symbol of peace and love will suffer. You can Google that I’m sure.

Now what event or theme that you like yourself that will last until your body is. Note that it may be a place where you see every day.