Soul Eater is the anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. This follows the adventures of Shibusen students, the school for weapon meisters, and, because they are struggling to keep kishin, evil demon gods, from the start.
Soul Eater is an anime based on manga by Atsushi Okhubo. Anime began airing on April 7th, 2008, and planned to consist of 51 episodes. It therefore follows the adventures of a scythe weapon Albarn and Soul Eater Evans (known as the only Soul), Black Star and Tsubaki demon ninja weapons, and Death the Kid and his twin guns and weapons Liz Patti Thompson. Being a student at Shibusen, a school founded by Shinigami-sama to train meisters and weapons, they are in constant struggle with the forces of evil. The purpose of each meister / weapons team is to acquire 99 kishin eggs (evil spirit) and 1 witch soul. After fulfilling these requirements, weapons turned into the Death Scythe, one of the shinigami with personal weapons.

Not too long into the anime / manga, a collection of stories away from the formula outlined in the first few episodes, preferring to focus on revival of Kishin, and the struggle against Shibusen it.

One of the main elements of Soul Eater is a strange habit of each character. So is a book worm who has a strong hatred for his father. The soul has a “cool guy” complex, always trying to take the path that makes the most cold. Black Star viewed himself as a god, and the need to make his presence known wherever he went, even though he is a murderer. Tsubaki is the only person who can stand with the Black Star as he has a personality that really care. Death the Kid is obsessed with symmetry to the point that he could not if he feels there is something that is not evenly distributed. Liz is a bit of “pretty girl”, always worried about her appearance, while Patti is, because there is no better word, a fool. These are just some examples of the customs attached to the characters. 

Another strong element of anime is the connection of the names of historical figures or the names of famous people in the Gothic tradition. Some examples are, Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, Frank N. Stein, Evil Priest Rasputin, Master Thief Lupine, Mifune, etc.