Ok so I just got back about an hour ago from a tattoo artist I know and trust. I had been wanting to get a dragon tattoo for some time now on my calf but wasn’t really happy with the typical tattoo flash art I had seen. And being a girl I take getting any new tattoo very seriously. I did some research.

First I had to decide what type of dragon. I never realized there was so many variations of a dragon. Throughout recorded history we have written and drawn pictures about dragons. Many of our modern day religions have dragons in their beliefs. Whether these mythical creatures actually existed, were legends passed down from sightings of the last dinosaurs, or were just stories to excite and scare who knows. Anyway I looked two of the standard dragons for my tattoo.

The Chinese Dragon. Exhibiting the mystique and beauty of the orient these graceful serpentine dragons come in an abundance of colors and shapes. Some have wings, some fly without them. Many were considered to be holy beings which appeared to help mankind in their times of needs. I found that some didn’t even look like what I had always envisioned a dragon to be. Many were covered with fur and feathers instead of scales. But all were beautiful and had individual meaning to the people of China.

The Medieval Dragon. Ok here was my idea of a dragon. Being an avid online fantasy gamer these were the dragons I had encountered. Huge, scaled, winged, fire-breathing creatures that struck dread into the heart of the masses. These were the foes of shining knights and powerful wizards for centuries past.

But what about a combination of the two? Nowhere I looked could I find a tattoo of one of each of these legendary beasts, the Chinese and the Medieval Dragon, together or locked in battle. Last year I had subscribed to an online database of thousands of tattoos for me to research and download. After some great suggestions on the forums there and a merging of a couple tattoos I had a unique and one of a kind dragon tat just for me!

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