> It is very familiar to see a celebrity wearing a tattoo. For others, it may symbolize their personality and an expression of their characteristic or may be it represents something or someone that is very important to them. David Beckham got a great brushed Chinese tattoo. He is one of the celebrities who starred at sports, particularly, in the field of soccer.

He admits that he is addicted to tattoos. That is why even his expression of great love to his wife, Victoria – one of the Spice Girls’ stars – which is written in Hindi and the name of his 3 sons had also been inked into his body. Because, according to him, he wanted that his family is always with him and he sees his tattoos as himself.

On the other hand, regardless of his all 14 other tattoos on his body, his Chinese tattoo is located at his torso inked into his left rib-cage downwards. It is written in traditional mandarin Chinese, with eight Chinese symbols which denotes a Chinese proverb, saying, “Death and Life have determined appointments. Riches and Honor depend upon heaven” It was confirmed by his spokesperson and also added that he always wanted to have this kind of a brush-like tattoo and Victoria as well.

It is unique from all other tattoos because it is said that this tattoo underwent a complex method of tattooing. It looks like a real brushed-up Chinese symbols. Its strokes are tattooed as if they were written using a brush and fabric and it is solely from Hong Kong. Its grass style of strokes is very difficult to be tattooed because of its complexities. He got the tattoo during the team Los Angeles Galaxy had a tour at the Far East. He gives more accents in the word Life, compared to the word death, which is tattooed smaller.

His tattoo signifies more of his love of his family, her wife Victoria and his three boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and also for him self as a representation of his principles and reputation.