>There are many tattoo off your skin in several ways, but they are not easy, pleasant or simple ….

Vanish methods:

Disappeared is the latest development in removing tattoos. This method usually involves a series of face cream / is absorbed into the skin friction. The series, used in combination, leading to decomposition of the ink, which in the human body, and then dispose of the components. This procedure is basically speed up the body get rid of foreign bodies of your body’s natural processes, in which case it is ink. Over time the tattoo becomes lighter and lighter, so tattoo “fades away.”
This is probably the cheapest and most painful removal method. This is the only way there is no risk of scarring. However, it does require some patience. Results do not see overnight

Surgical methods:

Most doctors advise patients, the complete elimination of tattoos is not possible. A small number of doctors to ensure complete removal. If they do not care! This may be your first signs, warning signs.

How to effectively remove the technology depends on the size, location, tattoo, color and ink type of use of the age.

Also aware of possible side effects – scarring and pain

These are:

Laser: Laser technology, infiltration and sabotage of the ink was injected into an article of your skin. Like a lost method, ink particles were taken away by the laser damaged the body’s natural systems and as excreta disposal.
This removal method involves laser or intense pulsed light treatment of multiple types of use. Which type of all the tattoo ink colors may be. Laser has increased in the past few years. It has taken two years, the average removal of tattoos, and even the whole process is not fully guaranteed. Although modern lasers and lighting systems can eliminate the time and less tattoos, this process is entirely dependent on the laser type, number of sessions and the patient’s body. In the leasing of several treatment is necessary, even today. Perform this procedure under local anesthesia or none at all. It is used today more expensive methods.

Cryosurgery: This method involves freezing area of tattoo prior to cancellation of his removal frequently used technique is dermabrasion (This method involves the elimination of all of the skin and ink of the tattoo. A sanding instrument is designed to close the “surface and” sand middle layer of the skin.’s tattoo is “sanding” with rotating grinding tools to remove all skin. haemorrhage is likely to occur. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia or local and oral / IV sedation carried out. dermabrasion price range from 1000 dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of processed.)

Excision: the tattooed area is cut off your skin and the surrounding skin sutured together. This approach left a scar. Only a small tattoo or a small part of the tattoo can be removed once. Of a larger tattoo may require several treatments and skin graft. If it is from other parts of the body may need a large tattoo of the skin