If you are so proud of your motto, then why not share it to the whole world. Or if you are going through a period of change in your life and you want to constantly be reminded of that commitment, you can afford to have a reminding system installed on your skin.

Words are wonderful ways for you to express your innermost desires and dreams. And since you go out to the real world everyday, why not have that message printed on your skin in ink?

You can come up with any kind of word tattoo. The best thing about this kind of tattoo is that there is less chance of you having the same tattoo as anyone else because you can pretty much come up with your own saying. However, getting a line from your favorite movie or song works well also. Don’t worry, not everyone will have the same favorite line as you.

You can even take a cue from these famous personalities from Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie

When it comes to tattoos, no one can ever beat Angelina Jolie with more or less 12 tattoos adorning her amazing body. One of her famous tattoos includes that of an incantation written in Khmer on the back of her shoulder.

David Beckham

Hailed as the hottest king of the field, Beckham isn’t shy about being a father. In fact, he has the names of his sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, tattooed on his back.

Britney Spears

One lesson when tattooing spouses’ names on any part of your body is the fact that things might not work out right. Learn that lesson from Britney who has her ex, Kfed, tattooed on her body.

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