>enkle tattooHave you ever tattoo and think to yourself: “Why did they not get something original?” Too often I hear people say that their idea for their tattoos off some album cover or beat him off the wall at the tattoo shop.

New Tattoo DesignsIf you really want a new tattoo that is original to you to try a few different things:

* Signs tattoo yourself or a friend who is more artistic drag
* Incorporate unique thing about yourself in shape, such as your date of birth, names of children, or important events in your life
* Look at other designs and customize to your taste
* Search and find tattoos of websites, find impressive – obscure tattoos
* Design your tattoo on your computer using a program like Photoshop

New Tattoo DesignsDo not do the following as you plan your tattoo is unique to:

* Choose something off the wall tattoo shop
* Choose your tattoo from a book at the tattoo shop
* Choose your tattoo designs from a number of mainstream media
* Post your tattoo on a very common area, like the arm, lower back, ankle, etc.

Full body tattoo designIf you decide to get a tattoo, which is quite popular, so trying to get the tattoo somewhere on your body that makes tattoo seems unusual or inappropriate. This will help you to distinguish from others with a similar design.