>Tattoos have always been a kind of taboo subject for some because they just don’t understand the whole tattoo thing. With that being said it is a little more society friendly for a man to have a tattoo. Maybe it has to do with the fact that back in the 50’s and 60’s men were basically the only ones who had tattoos. That doesn’t mean some women did, but if they did they kept it quite. However, tattoos were still not expect unless you were in the service or a sailor even then they were still looked down upon because back in those says criminals, greasers and men who were up to know good had tattoos. Things have changed greatly over time but tattoos are still looked down upon. Maybe some with change their mind when they realize these celebrity dads have several tattoos of their own.

1. Johnny Depp- who seems to get better with age has at least 13 tattoos, one for each of this children, one of his mother”s name. However, he has not yet gotten Vanessa’s name tattooed on her. He must have learned his lesson from the Winona days.

2. David Beckham- the sexy soccer star has nearly half his body covered in tattoos. He has all threes son’ names tattooed on him along with wife Victoria’s.

3. Eminem- the outrageous rapper has several tattoos all over his body including a very cute portrait of daughter Hailie.

4. Sylvester Stallone -has a portrait of wife, Jennifer Flavin, is tattooed on his right shoulder and bicep, he also has three roses representing their daughters.

5. Kobe Bryant – has his wife and daughter’s name on his left arm.

6. Tommy Lee – literally has more than half his body covered in tattoos. Tommy has even admitted he has lost count of how many tattoos he has.

7. Lebron James – His first son’s one-year old image is tattooed on the inside of his left arm and later got his mother’s name, Gloria, on his right shoulder. When his second son was born, he had his name (Bryce Maximus) on his left forearm.

8. Mark Wahlberg- has a total of four tattoos some that he regrets.