>Henna - Mehndi TattooIn the Middle East, climate warming is the heena plant, scientific name of the Lawson inernis, grow beautiful. For centuries, residents of the country in the Middle East have learned how to smash the henna leaves, and thus produce a powder. If the powder and Mehndi oil mixture, which can be applied to the skin.

Why do some people want to put on the skin’s oil and powder mixture? Ah, this is just referred to as tannic acid containing powder chemicals. The tannic acid, so that powder from the crushed leaves, the capacity of dye powder moving objects. When mixed with Mehndi oil, powder can be dyed skin. Brown skin became one of a variety of colors.

Egyptians used to rub the dead Pharaoh’s fingers and Mehndi henna oil, and then begin the process of making mummies. Subsequently, various cultures, encourage the creation of the henna / mehdhi tattoo. Every culture has its own unique type of Henna / Mehndi Tattoo.

The Arabs chose to put their hands and feet, large flower designs. Indians like to fine lines of each Henna / Mehndi Tattoo. They painted lace Henna / Mehndi design their hands, forearms, feet and lower legs.

As the inhabitants of the Middle East region’s trade with Europe, from reddish-brown dye powder to become familiar with some of the Europeans to create. Then, the other Europeans went to all corners of the earth, these trips of Europeans, some of whom have become with the henna / Mehndi designs familiar face who is wearing a dark skin, Polynesian, the design of a more permanent tattoo. The meeting paved the way for the creation of a henna / Mehndi Tattoo approach.

Although the Polynesian-style tattoo on longer than the henna / Mehndi tattoos, not everyone wants to have his or her skin, a permanent design. Many people like to be able to remove the tattoo, just like a woman to remove makeup. These people eager to buy Henna / Mehndi Tattoo package, wrapped in a variety of locations on the Internet.

Henna - Mehndi TattooThe kit includes molds, design books, transfer tattoos, Bindis and man-made body jewelry. They allow anyone to any of his or her part of the body of the blue or black tattoo. This tattoo is still 1-4 weeks for the skin.

The manufacturer of Henna / Mehndi Tattoo sought to capitalize on familiarity with the henna hair dye. In the United States, FDA has recognized that the safety of hair dye. FDA can not, but as a nod approval henna Sales / Mehndi Tattoo.

Made the original skin henna / Mehndi mixed staining either brown, orange brown or reddish brown. This stain is contained in the Haina plant chemicals, with combined Mehndi petroleum chemicals. Blue and black henna / Mehndi packages have more chemicals caused by their tattoos.