Meaningful art written in words

Tattoos by letter and script design was popular in the past bikers and prison inmates. But today many people in all walks of life to get this tattoo style that makes it even more popular. Tattoo lovers find much meaningful use of letters and write in their designs. Individuals usually get letters tattoos they want to say something dear or to express them. Some people want names by script or add characters, because it is a simple way to explain using words instead of a picture representing design.

Script letters are striking and hold deep meaning are the words they use. Individuals and letters written to use tattoos different messages across and even dates of many special occasions. Script and letter tattoos can be used in a memorial tattoo, a memorial tattoo, tattoo a birthday, a birth of a baby tattoo and many other special moments in life that people want to close as a souvenir of remembrance. Quote tattoos are in the same rich use of both letters and writing. Famous verse from the Bible sometimes tattooed. Familiar and known as saying “Only God can judge me” or quotes from a famous poet has some favorites.

Tattoo Lettering DesignsLike most other tattoos are always personality added to the overall design. The size of the tattoo can be simple and small as a name to add to the banner of a heart tattoo or it may be enormous, like adding a name or a bid along the stretch of the back shoulder to shoulder with capital letters. A script letter or tattoo can be mixed with many other tattoo designs as well. Use letters and the script is a tattoo design attractive and appealing.

Finding the right style and the font can be easily done simply by selecting those you like best or your characters can be customized to your taste. A wide range of fonts can be found online. A good place to start looking for fun online font ideas for a tattoo is DaFont dot com, or visit your local library. You can use your tattoo artist to design something to your taste using their own talents and skills.

Tattoo Lettering Designs10 most popular characters and the font used for tattoos:

First Old English
Stem second-
3rd Clean Scripture
4th Italic
5th Old School
Roman 6th
7th Gothic
8th Handwritten
9th Celtic
10th Graffiti

Letters and script tattoos can be inked with bold colors or all black. Good detail shading adds much character and elegance with the letters them more conspicuous. Letters can also be decorated with beautiful scroll work to further strengthen them, the choice is yours. So if your thinking of getting a new tattoo with the letters and scripts you need to spend some time on your decision about which style font is a good choice for you and your tattoo designs.