Angel Sanctuary Girls Wallpapers

Angel Sanctuary Girl Wallpapers

Angel Sanctuary Girl Wallpaper

Angel Sanctuary Girls Wallpaper

Angel Sanctuary OAV series certainly impressive. It’s practically seeping controversy – the laundry list of sensitive subjects covered include religion, incest, homosexuality, family dysfunction, and even a touch of drug use. However, as interesting aspect of that individual is, the various shortcomings and a sense of common cause uneven development of the series as a whole to suffer badly. I’ll stop just short of calling the end result is a mess, but more effective as an advertisement for the manga (or supplements to fans) rather than as a series of stand-alone OAV.
Among the points stronger Angel Sanctuary is a shame the way to deal with the issues involved in the story – it does not shies away from things that are very sensitive subject or intended to shock. The strongest one, both in terms of social unacceptability, and how many stories revolving around it, is (slightly surprising) incest. Heroes feelings for her sister definitely not romantic standard rate, and the turmoil surrounding their relationship, both internal and external, is where this series is the best. The social unacceptability and religion are not inspected particularly deep or eloquent, but these aspects are discussed as well.