>Futari Wa Pretty Cure Wallpapers

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Futari Wa Pretty Cure Honoka and Nagisa, Cute Couple Images

honoka and Nagisa Pretty Cure skydiving, woaaaahh .. but why they only wear school uniform? > _ <
Nice Picture Honoka and Nagisa Pretty Cure

Futari Wa Pretty Cure Anime Wallpapers

>Pretty Cure Anime Review

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>Pretty Cure is an animated series from Japan. Currently, brought to America by 4Kids Entertainment, although by way of all, perhaps mutilated. Therefore, PrettyCure.org! A website dedicated to the relationship that is very popular in the series: Nagisa x Honoka, which may be removed by 4Kids Entertainment as a homophobic American cartoon industry.

Pretty Cure is a short name for the series, his real name is “Futari wa Precure ‘or’ Futari wa Pretty Cure.” Japan’s full name means “We are Pretty Cure.” This event is a Magical Girl anime, which is mainly intended for young viewers. The main character Nagisa Misumi and Honoka is Yukishiro, both students at the Academy of Verone. The story spread rapidly in the first episode to reveal that both Nagisa and Honoka is selected to maintain the world known as the Garden of Light, and Earth, known as Taman Pelangi, from the evil forces from the Dark Zone. Nagisa and Honoka partnership suddenly forced against their will, and according to the story from there.

This anime produced by Toei Animation, and has built enough after in Japan, and the community follows from the shoujo-Ai in the United States. Shoujo-girl Ai means love, and implies a more romantic relationship between the girl and then just friendship.