As a member of the arachnid family, the scorpion has a massive amount of species. While its beginnings aren’t completely known, there is evidence that they are over 400 million years old. In Greek Mythology the scorpion represents the military-like readiness, seen in its quick bite and poisonous results. Constellations have been named after scorpions, and represented in Astrology. It’s no wonder that many enthusiasts today desire obtaining scorpion tattoos.

Whether a representation of your zodiac sign, Scorpio, or as a reminder that death walks with us everyday, it’s presence on your skin permanently is an everyday reminder of what the creature stands for.

A sense of power and healing come from the scorpions segmented body. Many believed that they represented healing and protection for the dead. Some cultures even believed that warriors were reincarnated as half-human half-scorpion to defeat their enemies with their combating expertise. It is also believed that this creature was the reason for the death of Orion, who is now seen in the constellations. Whatever your beliefs, this creature conveys death and life, pain and healing.

Many individuals get tattoos today and often enough the meanings behind their art run beyond skin deep. Mothers mark their bodies with permanent representations of their children, loved ones, or lost ones. The daily reminder seen on your body is, to some, a truer depiction of their love and admiration. Not to mention the honor involved. Pain inflicted by the tattooing needle, the time and effort into the creation of the art, all have a lasting affect physically and mentally. Some find solace and peace resulting from their body art.

Once the decision has been made to have a depiction of this arachnid on your body, a proper representation must be found. Online resources are the best to get an idea of what you want. The Zodiac sign Scorpio could be a choice, or battling creatures, poised and ready to strike, or rising from the ashes; the options are endless. With over 2,000 different species, you might want to look for a version that you are most familiar with. There are, however, different colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

Online research will prove to be your best bet when finding the right representation of the arachnid. Sometimes tattoo shops will allow you to bring in your own depiction you want, but they might not be able to get the representation correctly. Therefore, look into online sources, often requiring payment, for their printable and transferable images. Print and stencil, that’s all you need to do! They are easily used in a parlor and you are sure to get an exact match. There is nothing worse than getting inked, and not liking the outcome. Removal is expensive, so that’s why you need to make sure your decision is a correct one. Doing proper research will ensure this.

Now for the location of the tattoo; where will you put it? The ankle, lower back, upper arm, and hip are common choices, especially for women. If your true intention is to see it everyday, then placing it on your back might not be a good idea. Some employers might be weary of employing someone with multiple tattoos visible to the public. Thinking of your future career should be taken into account. Times are changing, however, and society is starting to recognize the art in the depictions and also the overall acceptance that millions have tattoos.

Getting scorpion tattoos on your body can be your constant reminder of peace, death, and healing. Be one of the millions to get inked, and join the club! Just make sure you decide on the right depiction, because you don’t want to have to go through the process of removal. It’s expensive, painful, and can leave hideous scaring.

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