>Hardest Body Parts to Tattoo and WhyNeck tattoo is a very complex, there are several factors to become amateur area. The first one with the tattooed neck problem is that there is no good place to rest, while the tattoo’s hand. Awkward position with the tattoo artists often have to pivot has its own wrists, elbows float, which is polar, with the usual location of tattoo just the opposite. The neck skin is very thin, we must seriously work or to ink bleeding the line will not be easy.

Hardest Body Parts to Tattoo and WhyTo do is the foot can be a real nightmare. Some people on the feet, based on ink well, but some people like feet skin decent fight every step of the ink penetration of the skin. Even if the ideals of the skin of the foot has brought some good places, they do not rest the problem, while the palm and wrist tattoo.

Hardest Body Parts to Tattoo and WhyTattoo pantie line is difficult not because of the skin, but the placement. Pantie line of skin around the tattoo it across well, and retain pantie line with the ideal color well.The problem is that it is an awkward area to tattoo placement as an artist must always be watched with hands, to do professional work.

Hardest Body Parts to Tattoo and WhyIn terms of design the form of facial tattoo or facial make up may be the most complex parts of the body tattoo. There are some problems with swelling, bleeding, retention and face ink ink penetration.The meat fat, the ink is often easier to spread a very careful and skilled hands of facial tattooing is required.