Many think that the experience of getting a new tattoo stops when the tattoo artist is done inking. Truth is this is only half the process. The healing process and care for your new tattoo is just as important. Let’s look at the proper way to care for a new tattoo

Your tattoo artist will recommend the products you should use for caring for your new tattoo Most will give a few free samples to get you started. These professionals know what works best, take their advice, but be sure and let them know if you have any allergies or start having any type of reaction to the products the suggest.

After your tattoo artist gets done with your new tattoo they will apply some ointment and cover the tattoo with a sterile bandage. Make sure and leave it on for the time they suggest. Normally this is a couple of hours.

The first time you remove the bandage doing it very carefully. Then wash you tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm clean water. When washing and drying your new tattoo use a patting motion. Never rub or scrub the area.

When the area is clean apply a even layer of aftercare ointment. Make sure and cover the entire tattoo with a think layer, avoid using too much. Do not re bandage. Your tattoo needs air to heal properly. Just wear loose clothing over the area. You can reapply the aftercare ointment two or three times during the day.

Avoid over exposure to sunlight which can fade the ink. Also avoid swimming and immersing your new tattoo in water. Chemicals and water can cause ink to fade or in some cases become infected. Taking a shower is ok just don’t rub the tattoo Follow these guidelines for a couple of weeks.

Soon your tattoo will start to heal and you will notice some peeling and scabbing. Do not pick at the tattoo This can cause scarring and possible infection. Let it heal and flake off on its own.

Normally it takes about three weeks depending on the size for a tattoo to heal. Once healed make sure and use sunscreen if your exposing your tattoo to sunlight to avoid fading. Normal skin lotions are great to use to keep the skin soft and prevent drying and fading.

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