> Clowns are the embodiment of laughter and humor. Portrayed as having constantly smiling faces, this character is a very popular tattoo design for both males and females. The original pattern for the modern clown is the jester which is also the symbol portrayed on the Joker card. During the time of kings and queens, the jester’s role is to entertain the people of the court. Because it resembles happiness, clowns are often inked in different colors, infusing the lively factor that it is famous for.

However, not all clowns are of the funny variety. Some versions of clown tattoo designs show the sinister side of clowns. Like Batman’s archenemy – The Joker – clowns may also be modified in such a way that they emit malicious vibes. Sometimes, clowns can be as scary as they are funny as evidenced by Stephen King’s IT.

Because of this more sinister side to clowns, men as well as women are drawn to the symbol. Evidence shows that those who are familiar with clowns are fascinated with both sides of the clown persona. Still, this does not erase the fact that clowns are more popularly known for their lighthearted antics. Bearing this in mind, most people use clown tattoo designs to remind themselves of the happy things in life. It may be used as a reminder to take things easy while looking for the silver lining in every cloud.

Clown tattoo designs are often made using various color combinations in reference to their cheerful persona. The usual colors used range from red, orange, yellow and blue. However, it is also common for tattoo enthusiasts to use the color grey or black for the whole design. This is usually done to depict the sinister side of the clowns. Personal touches on the basic design are also possible. For example, some clown faces are cut in half with one side showing a happy face and the other showing a teary eye. Depending on the person, this may represent the opposite sides of life or the conflicting personalities of each individual. In truth, clown tattoo designs can be interpreted in numerous ways. The clown’s face is subject to various emotions that can be easily captured by a good tattoo artist. Some of the most popular ones include evil clowns, masked, wicked, skull, gangster, joker and flame-haired clowns.

The option of having a full bodied clown or just the clown’s face is up to you. Because of this, the available body parts to place a clown tattoo is numerous. Popular placements include the wrist, shoulder and lower back.

Clowns have been deeply enmeshed in history and have created quite an impact in modern culture. This is probably why most people are fascinated with this enigmatic character, opting to have clowns inked on their skin. With the variety of facial expressions and color combinations that can be done with clown tattoos, it is no wonder that people are drawn to this symbol. For example, it can portray an emotion that may indirectly refer to an individual’s inner personality.