>Kaichou wa Maid Sama Wallpapers

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Kaichou wa Maid Sama Wallpaper

Kaichou wa Maid Sama Image

Kaichou wa Maid Sama Picture

Kaichou wa Maid Sama Anime Wallpapers

Ayuzawa Misaki is the student’s first female president in the council once every school boys turned co-ed. He rules the school with strict discipline. But he has a secret, he works at a maid cafe for the family’s circumstances. One day a popular student and a famous heart breaker Usui Takumi know the secret and make a deal with him to keep quiet from the school in exchange for spending some time with him. Genres: comedy, romance. Themes: maid, school

>Mahoromatic Anime Wallpaper

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Chibi Blue Mahoromatic Anime Wallpaper
Mahoromatic story : Mahoro is a specially designed Vesper andriod, built to resist foreign life forms. Like dust and Mahoro interesting towards the end of the war, grants Vesper decommission android, allowing him live years ago he was still alive when he saw fit. Eager to prove useful, he decided to become a waiter, and the wind in the company of orphans, teenagers named Suguru. Between awkwardness Sugaru and awkward attempts at Mahoro human interaction, two to keep and learn from one another.

>Zero No Tsukaima Anime Wallpapers

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Zero No Tsukaima Sport Wallpapers

Zero No Tsukaima Cafe Wallpapers

Louise de La Valliere is stupid Tristein class at the Academy for witches. Several years after the business failed experiment casting spells, each causing an explosion of violence, which has received the nickname “Zero Louise” from her classmates. However, on the day of the class should be familiar call each one for themselves, Louise calls ordinary people from another world: a young man from Japan named Hiraga Saito.

>Gunslinger Girl Anime Wallpapers

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Gunslinger Girl Anime Pictures

Gunslinger Girl Anime Images

Gunslinger Girl story is about brainwashed girl who does not have relatives or places to go are being trained as professional assassins and given mechanical bodies by a nonprofit organization called welfare. They have lost their conscience and do not hesitate to kill at all. They spend their lives smoke stained, covered in gunpowder and blood.

This sad story about suffering girls who have lost their past but who still cling to life. After they are brainwashed, they can kill with a straight face and without hesitation. They did not think about their actions do not feel sorry for that. However, behind their cute disguises, they destroy themselves and refuse to grow up.

>K-On! Anime Reviews

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>K-On! Anime Reviews

K-On! manga is a four-panel comic written and illustrated by a series Kakifly by Manga Time Kirara since May 2007 edition. This was adapted into 13-episode anime series by Kyoto Animation, famous for their work, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. 13-episode anime focuses on the previous chapters of the manga. A sequel to the series said it would air this April 7, 2010 titled, K-On! (With two exclamation points).

Yui Hirasawa, a first year high school students want something new in his life and he decided to join the club, but who will he join the club? Meanwhile, Ritsu, who wants to join the Light Music Club, found that the club is closed for now due to all members of the club last school year passed the word, therefore, he dragged his friend to join the club said Mio. So, Light Music Club has two members, who then added with Mugi Tsumugi better known as magic on the keyboard.

Let us return to Yui. He saw the poster of Light Music Club on the bulletin board thinks that Light Music is about playing “soft” instruments such as musical instruments. After she applied for the club, which he knew that playing a musical instrument is not applicable to said club! Yui decided to go to the clubroom and apologized to the members.

After the other three women have learned that the last member they want to stop, the three decided to convince himself, by Mugi always bring candy for the clubroom, until finally, they were able to convince Yui to stay at the club by playing their music, which impressed Yui and finally, to join the club. They asked him if he knew any instrument, he replied he did not know how to play musical instruments. Ouch.

As the series develops, Yui learn how to play guitar and later, became the band’s vocalist. After a series of practices, it was time for the club to shine, but there is one problem, they do not have a lawyer. After discovering that Miss Sawako is a member of the Light Music Club back in the day in high school, Ritsu adviser squeezed into them if he does not agree, Ritsu would spread the word that behind the benevolent attitude of a teacher once a member of metal band back in the day. With no other choice, Miss Sawako club adviser.

As a tight bond girl, in their second year in high school, they add new members, Azusa, a freshman, who played guitar longer than a blessing Yui with her parents’ musical background.

On to review, honestly, what shines in the K-On! Are not their performance on stage but the events that took place backstage. K-On!, If you remove the music, the band, it will be the usual drama about four teenage girls and their dreams to become famous someday. If you ask me, it was too common, but what K-On! not different, what they did is they decided to make the main character, in self-Yui from someone who does not aim at first, being someone who has goals in life, to appear on a large stage with a legion of fans supporting them. K-On! coming of age story from the air heading Yui Hirasawa, Big Brother is not responsible for Ui be a person who has goals in life with his friends behind him along the road.

Overall, for the thirteen-episode show, it’s really doing a good job in terms of story and animation, probably one of the thirteen shows, the most successful anime episodes since The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Because of this event left the impression, I am sure to watch Beck: The Mongolian Chop Squad, another anime that involves the band.

>Pretty Cure Anime Review

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>Pretty Cure is an animated series from Japan. Currently, brought to America by 4Kids Entertainment, although by way of all, perhaps mutilated. Therefore, PrettyCure.org! A website dedicated to the relationship that is very popular in the series: Nagisa x Honoka, which may be removed by 4Kids Entertainment as a homophobic American cartoon industry.

Pretty Cure is a short name for the series, his real name is “Futari wa Precure ‘or’ Futari wa Pretty Cure.” Japan’s full name means “We are Pretty Cure.” This event is a Magical Girl anime, which is mainly intended for young viewers. The main character Nagisa Misumi and Honoka is Yukishiro, both students at the Academy of Verone. The story spread rapidly in the first episode to reveal that both Nagisa and Honoka is selected to maintain the world known as the Garden of Light, and Earth, known as Taman Pelangi, from the evil forces from the Dark Zone. Nagisa and Honoka partnership suddenly forced against their will, and according to the story from there.

This anime produced by Toei Animation, and has built enough after in Japan, and the community follows from the shoujo-Ai in the United States. Shoujo-girl Ai means love, and implies a more romantic relationship between the girl and then just friendship.


>Soul Eater Anime

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Soul Eater is the anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. This follows the adventures of Shibusen students, the school for weapon meisters, and, because they are struggling to keep kishin, evil demon gods, from the start.
Soul Eater is an anime based on manga by Atsushi Okhubo. Anime began airing on April 7th, 2008, and planned to consist of 51 episodes. It therefore follows the adventures of a scythe weapon Albarn and Soul Eater Evans (known as the only Soul), Black Star and Tsubaki demon ninja weapons, and Death the Kid and his twin guns and weapons Liz Patti Thompson. Being a student at Shibusen, a school founded by Shinigami-sama to train meisters and weapons, they are in constant struggle with the forces of evil. The purpose of each meister / weapons team is to acquire 99 kishin eggs (evil spirit) and 1 witch soul. After fulfilling these requirements, weapons turned into the Death Scythe, one of the shinigami with personal weapons.

Not too long into the anime / manga, a collection of stories away from the formula outlined in the first few episodes, preferring to focus on revival of Kishin, and the struggle against Shibusen it.

One of the main elements of Soul Eater is a strange habit of each character. So is a book worm who has a strong hatred for his father. The soul has a “cool guy” complex, always trying to take the path that makes the most cold. Black Star viewed himself as a god, and the need to make his presence known wherever he went, even though he is a murderer. Tsubaki is the only person who can stand with the Black Star as he has a personality that really care. Death the Kid is obsessed with symmetry to the point that he could not if he feels there is something that is not evenly distributed. Liz is a bit of “pretty girl”, always worried about her appearance, while Patti is, because there is no better word, a fool. These are just some examples of the customs attached to the characters. 

Another strong element of anime is the connection of the names of historical figures or the names of famous people in the Gothic tradition. Some examples are, Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, Frank N. Stein, Evil Priest Rasputin, Master Thief Lupine, Mifune, etc.

>Doraemon – Anime Review

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Nobita is a 4th grade boy who seems to be the main losers. He could not see anything without glasses. He did not seem to have any talent. He’s always got a failure to test at school. He was not popular among his friends. Clearly desperate cases, if left to their own devices will eventually lead Nobita future generations down the family’s poverty. To avoid this disaster, his great-great-great (etc.) grandson from the future sent a fat blue cat robot (robocat?) Named Doraemon Nobita to help straighten out his life. So, one day Doraemon Nobita came from his desk drawer and he has been a silly boy constant trouble, and friends since then. Doraemon’s most extraordinary talents is that he has a 4-dimensional pocket on his stomach from which he can produce all kinds of strange and wonderful futuristic gadget to help Nobita solve problems, and solving problems Nobita is a full-time job …


Doraemon was created as a manga in 1969-70 by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko. To this day still print manga and anime (and also all kinds of merchandise) can still be seen and purchased in many Southeast Asian countries. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I * love * this anime! I loved it since I was a wee child (and the people who knows me knows how many centuries ago it was). Doraemon what makes the special is a good nature show that never fails to raise a smile and laughter. Doraemon’s humor intelligent, fresh and never rude. This is usually based on creative ideas to the writer objects Doraemon fantastic out every episode, the Nobita or one of his friends had somehow always managed to abuse with funny consequences. For example in one episode Nobita wanted to be popular in school, after much pleading and crying Doraemon pulled from his pocket a small tool 4D can produce instant popularity.Once the gadget is set to work, everyone at school likes Nobita immediately. Thus, he got what he wanted to, or so it seemed. Devices, which have their own thoughts, not stop at making Nobita popular at school, it continued to increase in popularity for the ridiculous degree. Eventually he became so popular that he became a national figure and the government announced that Nobita’s birthday will be a public holiday from then on. Lack of popularity is that the poor Nobita never get a moment of peace or privacy, so he had to ask for Doraemon to get the gadget to change everything back to the way things were. Some episodes contain a moral lesson about friendship, kindness, etc. but the environment is never a heavy hand, and most of the time just plain weird situation. Characterizing fine, as the light show did not ask for a deep, complex, enigmatic or character. The only violence in the show usually involves a big fat bully named Nobita Giant hit in the head. Doraemon himself is very friendly and I’m sure most of the kids who want to have a friend like him. Too bad that Doraemon was never released in the United States because he anime seems to have appeal across generations, as shown in any of Doraemon became popular. In Japan and in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. regarded as a classic Doraemon. Some critics will say that the work of art is primitive Doraemon. Of course it was not as finely drawn as to people like “Fushigi Yuugi” or “Evangelion”, but quite pleasant, and at the end of the day, a very funny adventure Doraemon and his friends go beyond any limitations to create one of the greatest anime ever made.

>Agent Aika Anime Review

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>Agent Aika is one of those shows that makes this reviewer desperate for hope anime. Now do not misunderstand me – if you read a review of Agent Aika at various sites, you will find some who love this series of 7 OVAs follows the adventures of one best friend Aika and Rion. I’m not one of them, however, because what is wrong with Agent Aika is what makes the anime from going mainstream. This type of show that high school kids and new students dormies watch when nobody around enough to get into the back room of a video store and retrieve things unpleasant. Although I will give credit to show to make a stab at containing the actual plot, it was too bad and amulets-oriented to sense the average person, although the relative lack of actual sexuality on the screen. If you’ve never heard the fan before the service, loyal readers, you’ll know what it was at the end of this article – although it has many characters, fan service Agent Aika star. Unfortunately, no fun.

Aika is under water scavengers are not too distant future where 90% of the earth has been flooded. His employer wanted to attempt to completely above board, but this time is difficult, and competition are not familiar with ethics. Aika voluntary volunteer for tasks that may be dangerous to take a new resource known as Iago. If he can get his hands on the Iago and data surrounding their use, he can help the company out of the red and pay personal debts from the past. With the help of Rion, his boss’ daughter, Aika walked into a big fight with megalomaniacal brother / other teams who want to exploit Iago to their own evil schemes. Aika will keep clothing long enough to save the world? I doubt it, but it will not stop.

Agent Aika is blasphemy lies in the camera angle. Seriously, this show has more than underwear … well, insert your own joke, because other sites have made them all too, but there is a huge abundance of them. If you see a woman appeared on the screen and speak in this event, at a certain point, you’ll see her underwear. (Sometimes, he does not even have to have a speaking role.) Although the story is very weak, it is, and there are many action-packed scenes. However, almost every frame of the show (action even things) are filmed as if the creative team had just gotten out of a lot of shooting Hustler. Fan service now generally refers to a shot or two throwaway cleavage, clothing, or brief nudity had nothing to do with the actual program except to give viewers a man who attended a little excitement. This was not proper to say that this show has a fan service. It would be more correct to say that Agent Aika is a fan service with little actual program.

Fan service so completely embedded in every part of the Akia that the fact that he has a plot did not matter. Although the nudity and really sexually oriented content in a short program compared with non-stop upskirt shots, which did not make it better. Just because we do not see it really does not mean that the event is not pornographic by definition. Many people will take me to say that. Would look great production? Often times, yes. Is the voice acting is good music and reasonable? Yes. Is there really a lot of nudity or sexual contact? No. But the way the event was created is designed to generate, which is the point of pornography. Is it working on the goal is up for grabs – I’m just upset, annoyed, and bored. But in my opinion, this is essentially the title of a hentai fetish masquerade as something mainstream. Frankly, if the U.S. Manga Corps is not marketed as a main title, it will not appear on this site.

What’s sad about all this is that recently we have seen how good women-driven action can show. Which is always growing popularity of live-action show Alias proves that. And indeed, Alias had a thrilling, action-packed, wise, fun, and sexy while appealing to both men and women. And even the fan service can be done right – witness my review of Plastic Little to find an event that got an A despite having a lot of value. Agent Aika, with female protagonists, can come to the surface to be similar to both, but instead truly dedicated to demean women. Every woman is an object in the event constantly ogled. Agent Aika fumbled only large quantities from beginning to end.

Agent Aika is directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima of Project A-Ko fame, and some may be wondering how he went from there to here. However, knowledgeable fans also remember that Project A-Ko was originally intended as an adult titles before entering into the development and re-writing became hysterical satire is not all things anime. Thus, not all that surprising that he was directing this event. Some fans say that Aika is a satire Nishijima try again here – by taking a service to its fans say extreme, they said that he was making a point about the anime industry. However, I do not agree with respect – if it was a satire, this satire is worse than it is anime. Because if it was satire, it would be like dropping two tons of eggs on the basis of five hundred times to prove that bad – we got the first points after a few drops, but after that, he became unbearable.

>Great Theacer Onizuka – Anime Review

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Eikichi Onizuka, age 22, is a former motorcycle gang leader who came to Tokyo six years ago with his friend in the hope of making something in his life. He was not too far away, but she just graduated from college now and has found his calling: To be the largest ever high school teachers – Great Teacher Onizuka.Of course, there are some small issues to work out – he’s foul-mouthed, had a problem with authority, issues of anger management, and he was more interested in the students’ short skirts rather than passing along the hard earned wisdom to them. But Onizuka not give up easily, and in-your face how to get things done might just make a better teacher than he has a right to it.


Great Teacher Onizuka effectively mixes humor with a little obscene excess, a large number of funny scenes involving Onizuka’s stable of love-lost-with-attitude persona, wild collection of the existing situation prime-time comedy will be proud to sport, and shot rigid hard-hitting comment on the issues surrounding the modern youth and frightening their education. The result is sometimes touching, sometimes eyebrow-raising, and always very funny. Add to a clean, effective art, directing and writing quality, and truly spectacular Japanese dialogue, and you’ve got an instant classic. My only complaint is that the dub, though not bad, a bit dirty and a bit of disappointment when compared with the sub.

Character is what makes almost every good comedy anime GTO work and no exception, featuring outstanding large from small players. With everything from anime-standard-biker gang member is far more normal Onizuka people like former car dealership and a variety of dysfunctional parental relationships, running character starting from broad stereotypes and funny to surprise your favorite anime realistic ordinary people day. What stands out in particular, though, is children who Onizuka must deal with – far from the stereotype of anime schoolgirl blush, the majority of these normal-looking children of the world-wise and has a malignant line which can be really scary, especially since the tactic they are rarely as simple as just as violent. In addition to being an accurate reflection of modern Japan’s sad, it does not make an interesting change of pace, as well as Onizuka is less than the conventional method of dealing with them.

This eclectic collection allows for lots of funny situations while also providing a serious heart gives emotional circuits. In the midst of them all, however, is none other than Grand Master himself, and this Eikichi Onizuka, more than anything, what makes it fun as GTO.

Onizuka at first might seem like a simple skirt hunters, but there are oh-so-much-more to him than the average skirt-chasing creep, although the TV version is less character development than in the comics. On the one hand, its main interest in teaching seems to be a (female) students (and fellow teachers, in this case), and he must have wandering eyes, summarized in a hilarious scene early on where he filled the survey a whole school with a girl – high school girls – the pot was captioned with “There’s little boy, but he only saw the girls.” On the other hand, he’s hard Karate champion driving with a lot of badass biker gang leader for his support. In between, he was an emotionally fragile loser with no life, lack of social skills, a good heart, and an honest desire to give children a better educational experience than he has.

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