Here are some cool tattoo ideas that have a strong history of holding up well and not becoming part of some sort of trend, as well as newer design ideas which can be extremely cool. Be solid in your decision by going with these following cool tattoo ideas.

1. Sailor tattoos.

Sailor tats have held up great over the years, and while some styles are somewhat common, they still hold their own and continue to serve as strong symbolism pieces.

Examples of sailor tattoos are such symbolism pieces like the nautical star tattoo. A wide range of individual types have received this classic tat for reasons such of strength and guidance, just as sailors did back in the day.

2. Dragon tattoos.

Dragon tats can pop out like no other tattoo. Bold and striking dragon tattoos symbolize power and strength. And you can find many different designs ranging from classic to modern.

Women getting dragon tattooed can be a very sexy and dangerous design idea, while still representing female strength and strong female qualities.

3. Modern design tattoo ideas.

With many more artists in the tattoo world there is a whole slew of new and unique modern design tattoos. It’s worth looking into as many modern designs as possible to make sure to see everything that is now out there. Even the styling of certain modern designs, can inspire new and exciting tattoo ideas which you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Whatever your choice for a cool tattoo make sure you research designs in catalogs and online tattoo galleries which will not only reveal classic and cool designs, but also the most modern and unique designs available.

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