>Can I get AIDS from tattooing?

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>Obviously there are some concerns about the dangers of this disease, you need to understand that this disease is spread through intimate contact with body fluids, blood, and semen
In the manufacture of tattoo to avoid diseases such as disease or other diseases you have to consider whether the instrument used for tattooing has been cleaned before
In this disease most infections occur in drug users, usually in IDUs, where they enter the drug in a syringe and injected in their bodies and each took turns
But it is different in tattoo art, but even so, to avoid the things we do not want us to be vigilant, notice that the needles that will be used has been used before, would not it have been used
Make sure the tattoo tool has been free from germs
Make sure after you have you been tattooed by artisans briefed the tattoo, and make sure the results of your tattoo is covered by protected from all ills

>Can I get infectious diseases from tattoo needles?

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>There are some concerns recently about the spread of disease (especially
Hepatitis-B and AIDS [HIV])
To consider whether a clean environment you been tattooed?
Are needles used for tattooing reused on other customers? If so you should avoid tattoos in these places
Because the spread of the disease in the activities of the tattoo depends on the cleanliness and needles used
Make sure they use needles only for single-use
And in case you should also consider the Hepatitis-B immunization
So better safe than not..

>Asking to see their portofolio

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>This is an important step before you use the tattoo, because it is one to judge that whether that will make your tattoo is an expert, should not you been tattooed by someone who was not an expert

In view of their portfolio are some things to note include: design own tattoo pictures (if there are designs that make you are interested), a combination of colors (to be seen whether the color is drawn according to images painted on the customer’s own skin), line drawings ( whether the lines are etched image makers tattoo was perfect in the sense that no errors), do not hesitate to ask them you been tattooed process, whether they are nervous or shaky when making a tattoo
It is a few things you should consider before using the services tattoo maker

>What kind of colors can i get?

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>Worried that your tattoo will end in no good a time?? Most tattoo inks are metal salt-based pigments that are not designed to
used under the skin, and not yet approved
The idea is that for most people, these pigments are inert and do not cause problems.
some artists use acrylic-based
pigment, which he felt might be more difficult than the metal-based pigments
for some with sensitive skin. Best to ask your artist first

Whatever color you choose Do not be ashamed to talk first with the expert because you will create a tattoo for a very long time

>Why do I want one?

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>every person who has been tattooed reason, these are some reasons people use tattoos
whether to please a partner?
whether for comfort? , To manhood, to prove something, to believe in yourself, environmental influences,

all acceptable reasons, all depending on the user’s own tattoo

and this applies to you, you should have been tattooed for a reason ..

or you make a tattoo for your confidence or you into adulthood, there are several reasons to use a tattoo, but was back on each person’s own, you should have the right reasons

>Should i get a tattoo in the first place?

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>This is the most important part of the preparation you have done, because you will make very important decisions, you will be in the image on the skin that is not easy to remove, I will help you to overcome this problem
begins with the body parts where you might want a tattoo that makes you more comfortable and sexy, and any tattoo that you will use to decorate the body

You need to remember is that almost 1 / 3 that has been tattooed with regret that tattoo or body part been tattooed one looks very ugly tattoos

You should notice is part of your body’s been tattooed comfortable, see what part you think is worthy been tattooed, tattoo makers and discuss it with, do not be shy to ask, if you have doubts I suggest you resign, you must be sure of your decision, what model you’ll use, it is a few things you should know before you been tattooed

>What sorts of things to look for in shop

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>do I need to find what kind of tattoo shops?
Finding the store is as important as manufacturers seek their own tattoo
It is important to you find that you will perform activities that may be lasting for the rest of your life, you should find a comfortable place to tattoo your own, do not be ashamed to go one at a tattoo shop you are and find out you are comfortable in the store where .. there are a few tips to find the comfort of your shop

What store? not until you come to the wrong store
not comfortable place?
Your reply smokers whether it provides them an ashtray or similar?
whether they use the separator chambers?
whether they offer privacy services?
what facilities they have?
whether the site was free of disease?
maybe that’s one question in your mind, do not be ashamed to visiting tattoo shops, find a store that makes you very comfortable

Make sure your artist is willing to listen and respect what you want. Do not go to an artist who has what agenda he wants to do. Artists can make suggestions, but the final word is always yours

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