If you are going to incorporate a letter on your body, it is best to choose the right location where you are going to inked one. Also, you may want to consider the size of the design. These two aspects will create a big difference on the outcome of your chosen design. Wise one would normally start their planning process by thinking about the location and the looks that they wish to achieve. If you have a little hint about what it the kind that you would like to have, it is best to start from that known factor then shift your attention into the unknown one. As an example, you can start the whole process by considering what you really want to achieve in the end. You may not have complete details of what you wish to get but at least you have a little picture or hint of the tattoo.

Consider the location. You may want something placed at your back hence this will give you the chance to go with extremely large designs. But the same thing is not true when it comes to getting a wrist tattoo; of course you will need a smaller version here since the space is fairly limited. With this, consider the factors that you know such as the probable design, size, or location.

The next factor to consider is to choose the letter tattoo design that you wish to get. The moment when you already decided about the location, it is the best time to consider the kind of tattoo that you are going to incorporate into your body. For the letters, you are free to go for an Old English kind, a graffiti kind of font, or a logo font depending on your personal preference. It will be wise if you do not limit yourself to the usual English language because there are a lot of foreign languages out there that will never fail to give a sense of uniqueness. The choice is yours to make; you can opt for one which is written in Sanskrit such as the kind that Jessica Alba did for the character of her lotus which is situated on her wrist. Let your imagination work! You are free to choose foreign languages like Japanese, Arabic, or Chinese or whatever kind you wish to get.

On the other hand, for you to remain safe in your choice, it is important to cautiously mull over with the design first. Keep in mind that the letter tattoo design is the one that will carry the general tone for the tattoo. But try to balance everything, it will sound offensive is you make use of a Lotus Flower but incorporate an Old English letters on the top part of your back. You might argue that this particular letter tattoo design is the thing that you wish to get so there is no one who can stop you since after all, it is your body.

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