Of course every girl wants to feel cute and sexy and many of them are looking for the perfect tattoo to adorn and decorate their beauty. Today there are an amazing amount of hot and sexy tattoo designs for girls out there. In fact it used to be that the trouble was finding a design at all but these days it is hard to sort through the massive amounts of designs to find the one that is just right for you. With the advent of the lower back tattoo, the lower rise jeans and the amazing rise of tattooing in general has lead to an amazing growth in the field of tattoo designs for girls. There are now so many you have to be really careful to choose high quality art work and great artists to do the work in order to get a unique, original and sexy looking design.

If you are not sure what to get tattooed on your body here are just a few suggestions and ideas about what is hot. These are just meant to give some ideas and get your own thoughts on the matter going. Of course the best art is always something that you come up with and something that is unique so use these ideas as a jumping board.

Floral And Flower Tattoos

These are very popular right now and the vines and the full color of the flowers make for a beautiful female tattoos. The petals on the flower and their bright colors will really stand out and make the tattoo design easy to see form a distance and also pop out of the skin to create a beautiful work of art. The vines, stems and leafs from the flower often wrap sensually around the body for a beautiful effective and sexy tattoo design for just about any women. The best part is flowers are have deep symbolism in our culture and therefore the flower you pick can say a lot about the inner you.

Butterflies And Butterfly

There are so many millions of different butterflies and their colors and beauty are astounding. Also the process of change and transformation that butterflies go through is highly symbolic. So if you are looking for a beautiful tattoo design that features a ton of great colors, nice black ink line work and a rich and deep symbolism work together to make an amazingly beautiful tattoo design.

Saying And Written Word

One for the most popular trends right now for men and especially for women are written word and saying tattoo designs. These are often done on the wrist, around the ankle, or on the side or rib cage area. These sayings when combined with a beautiful script make for an amazing deisgn. You don’t have to worry about symbolism since your saying and what you want people to know is written. However the script itself can be a true work of art in the most purist of forms.

Star Tattoos

There are so many different variations of star tattoo designs. There are little star clusters that can go on the neck, around the wrist and on the foot. There are the nautical stars for finding one’s own path in life and then star and moon combinations. Humankind has been fascinated with stars since the beginning so it is not wonder lots of women today love getting a star tattoo design.

No matter which you choose the most important thing is to start seriously thinking about what you want to convey in your tattoo design. What do you want to tell people about yourself and what do you want others to see in the design. This should help generate some beautiful ideas for hot and sexy tattoo designs for girls.

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