>Best Freesia Yagyu Wallpaper – Jubei Chan

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Best Freesia Yagyu Wallpaper – Jubei Chan
Best Freesia Yagyu Wallpaper

>Cool Jubei Yagyu Black White Picture

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Cool Jubei Yagyu Black White Picture
Cool Jubei Chan Black White Picture

>Jubei Chan Ninja Girl – Anime Review

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Three hundred years ago, Yagyu Jubei, the greatest swordsman in Japan, all but destroyed the rival ninja clan. Since then they hold in secret, they plan to take revenge by conquering all of Japan. But this forecast Jubei, and before he died, he created the Lovely Eyepatch – magical items that can bestow Jubei’s mastery of the sword in one chosen as his successor. Jubei Koinosuke faithful servants entrusted with looking for this replacement, which will be able to save Japan from the time of darkness.

Three centuries later, a little tired eventually discovered that the replacement Koinosuke – Nanohana Jiyu (nicknamed Jubei by single fathers), on average, the daily (anime) high school students from the new school. Jiyu but wanted nothing to do with magical eyepatch, 300 years of curses, and a series of teacher-killer – he has his hands full trying to get into a hot dessert shop in town and keep him from working themselves to death.

Then there is the villain, a trio of tough guys who are not competent with an empty-headed leaders are determined to show his love for Jiyu (and allegedly horrible luck in doing so), and the romantic rival Shiro, a Kendo champion ran away from his family past the dark and evil twins brother.

A very cartoon, very Japanese, and very funny series that still managed to have something like a story, some drama, and some very fun characters. Somehow use the play pieces to remove himself from the parody tireless for an interesting story, but never let the serious moments that bog down. Most of all it’s really funny if your sense of humor with the right line, together nonstop slapstick, throwaway comment, and unique scenes, all with a sharp comic time.Throw in some cool action scenes spectacular and varied Japanese cast, and you will not even notice you’re missing a quarter of a joke.

Stupidity attack would be too much for some people, and it weirds itself into love-it-or-hate-it territory, but quite different if it clicks for you, Jubei-chan is a pure, mad genius.

Basic visual style Jubei-chan is an anime classic – funny, rounded character designs, relatively bright colors, and simple but crisp art with heavy lines. Some scenes, more serious (and some that could have happened, but it is not) a little dark, and occasionally quite dramatic set suitable for ninja warrior more traditional. Character designs, while simple, still surprising characteristic. There are some exceptions which are cartoons, but the most interesting is the villain, who looks more or less realistic depending on how serious they were. Importance-based-art is one of the ongoing visual gag many, ranging from subtle to blunt SD farce.

Animation is smooth, and though most are “futile” in the cartoon stuff, there are some interesting character animation. There are also some very slick ninja swordfights – smooth, fast, and choreographer as well. Music, incidentally, walking from one end of cheery theme to drum grown occasionally dramatic, but the driving drumbeats is the only memorable part.

There is no way this series can work without a skilled voice cast, and Japanese actor to the challenge. Collection of colorful caricatures – the ruffians, some of Jubei classmates, and some of the killers – ranging from dry running Sachi monotonous for Tenchi Muyonosuke’s shrill scream. A number of relatively serious character – especially the twins – who can be trusted and will fit in much more serious series. People somewhere in the middle of the series kept together – Sai, Jubei, and Koinosuke. Thanks to good acting, Sai and Jubei very reliable most of the time, both as a normal person and dramatic in a few moments.