Getting a tattoo is already a painful experience for most people, but getting a tattoo on your side is by far the most painful area to get inked. However, many girls still decide to get a tattoo in this area despite the potential pain. The benefits of getting a side tattoo is to symbolize your confidence, beauty, sex appeal, and individuality.

Your side is made up mostly of bones which makes getting a tattoo in this area so painful. You should be aware that there is no fat protecting the nerves in your body when the needle begins pressing against your side. If you decide to go through with it just be prepared to feel some pain.

Fortunately for a girl, the pain endured is well worth it since these side tattoos will increase your sex appeal. It’s no secret side tattoos look sexy on a girl and most of the time girls like wearing certain clothes which will reveal their beautiful side tattoo. The side area is one of the most attractive body parts on a girl and getting a tattoo to compliment this area is a good idea.

Some popular side tattoos you should consider are those that include feminine designs such as roses, flowers, fairies, and butterflies. For girls it’s not uncommon to get more masculine symbols but feminine designs will enhance your feminine qualities. Another good idea for a girl’s side tattoo is getting your lover’s name or initials inked on your side area. The great thing about side tattoos is that there is a large area for the tattoo artist to work, which gives you more freedom to get whatever tattoo you desire.

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