Limp Bizkit has decided to get back together and put aside their difference and make a new album that will drop sometime this year. They have decided to get back together and put out another album because they feel there is no good music out right now. One thing is for sure, Limp Bizkit’s front man Fred Durst has a huge love for tattoos. Before his metal/hip hop band, Limp Bizkit made it big Fred actually worked as a tattoo artist. This probably explains why Fred has so many tattoos. It is unclear to exactly how many tattoos Fred has, he had nearly half of his body covered in them. He has both arms completely sleeved, half of his back done, some of his chest, as well as one on his neck, one on his hand and a few on his legs.

Below is a list of a few of Fred’s tattoos:

1. A very large angle design on his back

2. A fairly large flower tattoo on the back of his neck

3. Some sort of spiral design on his left leg.

4. Two black x’s on his middle right finger.

5. The Mona Lisa on the inside of his upper right arm

6. A portrait of Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley on the left side of his chest

7. A moutain with the sun coming up from behind it on the top of his right shoulder

8. Barb wire around his right bicep

9. A fairly large portrait of Albert Einstein on his right calf

It is safe to say that Fred will be constantly adding to his tattoo collection.

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