>History of This Taboo ArtThe man was always used different means to express his feelings and character of the Interior. This expression is largely evident in the clothes worn by the person and the things that were wearing or. For example, most people like to wear T-shirts military because they symbolize the courage and the courage and strength. Although the army T-shirt is something of a general nature, there are ways many of the personality of the individual and personal hypocrisy. One of the ways that existed in the Middle Ages is the art of tattoo.

For a long time, it was believed that the tattoo came out of Egypt and the pharaohs and mummies Several tattoo marks in several places. However, the 5300-year-old mummy of Otzi The Ice Man also marks the tattoos on his body. This proves that the tattoo has art from the prehistoric age. The aim of those behind the tattoo is still uncertain.

Other body of prehistoric found in Russia, shows a great deal of the print depicting creatures magical and mythical and real animals. Discovered at a later time and there are a number of these mummies from the same place, and all have a good amount of this tattoo all over their bodies.

History of This Taboo ArtAs the Egyptian empire spread over a larger scale, began the tradition of tattooing and art to further increase. However, in India, has already used henna to make marks on the body. These tags only for the purposes of cosmetics. In Greek, and tattoos are said to have been used for the real purpose for the first time as spies marked with identification markings and codes of confidentiality. On the other hand, the Romans began to use the tattoos to celebrate their prisoners. Still uses this practice in Rome and many other places.

In Samoa, tattooing is also part of ancient traditions. It represents a person’s social status. Chief of the tribe is usually the one with the heaviest of the tattoo. A ceremony was held on the occasion that the younger heads of getting a tattoo to indicate that it has reached adulthood. And implement all the signs of pride and a symbol of their dedication to culture.

The tattoo is a very important part of the culture in New Zealand. Moko Art is a very illustrative example of the skills and precision gained with time. People are accustomed to carving techniques for this purpose.

History of This Taboo ArtIndonesian Borneo tribe still uses the old technology of its time making marks on the face and body. Designs are very popular in the Western world and many people prefer tribal art designs that are actually out of Borneo. Such as Borneo, and there are many tribes in Africa that have traditions of body art and design. However, because of the color of their skin dark, these people prefer instead of scratching the paint.

It is said that this ancient art has entered the modern Western world with the sailors and prisoners brought to England by Captain Cook. It is difficult to know whether America through the deployment of British troops or from Latin America. Took the electric tattoo machine tattoo first store opened n New York in 1846, and then, over. Since then, and has gained popularity down in those countries.