Cool Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs and the Meaning Behind These Popular TattoosTattoos not only look beautiful on the skin but they also have their own symbolic meaning and this is especially true when you talk about sun and moon tattoo designs. Sun and moon tattoos come together to form many different themes of the universe. Some people like these tattoo designs because they look amazing, while others find the meaning of each element interesting.
A sun tattoo design is a reflection of the suns’ symbolic meaning in different cultures across the world. Each of these cultures have different explanations for how the sun came into existence. Most cultures believe that the rising and setting of the sun symbolizes life and death.
Cool Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs and the Meaning Behind These Popular TattoosThe sun tattoo design is usually seen as a circle with sun rays coming out from the perimeter. The dot in the middle of this circular design represents the combination of male and female forces. Often seen as a masculine symbol, the sun is the exact opposite of the moon which is seen as a feminine symbol. The tattoo design of the sun represents a variety of different things such as vitality, fertility, light, knowledge, courage, and renewed youth.
The moon tattoo design symbolizes heaven and it is the yin to the suns’ yang. The moon represents a more feminine energy and also symbolizes the feeling side of human nature. It characterizes the inner chile inside us and also represents our past and how we used to be, not how we are now.
Cool Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs and the Meaning Behind These Popular TattoosPeople used to worship the moon long before the sun. Its gravitational pull dictates the tides and has been a mythical symbol for the werewolf and other creatures of the night. The moon tattoo designs include the full moon and crescent moon.
Both these tattoo designs are unique in their own way and represents their own individual meaning. When combined, their uniqueness will form a spectacular artwork.

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