> The trend of wrist tattoos is not new. It has been used for centuries ago by kings and others. Having a tattoo is becoming more socially acceptable and the demand in recent years has risen exceptionally. Many sea going people have also believed on wrist tattoos especially for star designs to act as their guide and keep them safe until they arrive at their destination.

In the modern times, getting wrist tattoos is considerably safe as long as tattoo shops follow the accepted tattooing procedure. The following should be observed when you are having a wrist tattoo or any tattoo done.

• The work place of a tattooist should be clean and hygienic.
• Before embedding the tattoo, the professional should clean the wrist of the client with antiseptic lotion and remove all the hair on the wrist.
• Wrist tattoos should be made with proper care as it is a very sensitive area due to the fact that there is not enough soft fat tissue and a lot of attention is needed.
• The equipment (Inking gun) that is used should be sterilized and the needle used should be new in order not to let any viruses or harmful bacteria to get into your body.

The important thing to remember about wrist tattoos is that they are permanent and you need to be sure of what you are doing. It is not something that you can easily undo. Bare in mind that if you are not an experienced tattoo maker the pain inflicted on the wrist is more than any other part of the body and the healing process for wrist tattoos is longer. The result and satisfaction after it is done is of course another thing.

In recent years, tattoos have become more and more popular among women and it is no longer seen as just a masculine pursuit. A very popular choice for women is ankle and wrist tattoos more than men and their favorite style is the bracelet that can replace a real one or act as baground to a bracelet.

The wrist is a part of your body that is both visible and tasteful. It’s also considered to be very feminine. While the location works for both men and women, it is especially suited to accentuate the female body in a way that a tattoo on the arm or back body might not.

Wrist Tattoos of celebrities have become increasingly popular as an inspiration. Many celebrities are sporting wrist tattoos including Jessica Alba, Brittany Spears and Nicole Ritchie and a lot more to mention.

If you are not into emulating celebrities and want something totally original, there are a few things you could consider. The size of the wrist means that anything too complicated should be ruled out. A very common mistake with wrist tattoos is that people try to fit too much and they become messy. Choose correctly, a simple word or one symbol can say a lot more than a massive picture. Having a small tattoo is easier to cover with a bracelet or a wristwatch if the need arises.

The most common tattoo is an inner wrist tattoo. That is easier to hide than any other design on the wrist, yet still very visible when you want it to be. Also popular is a wristband or bracelet style that encircles the wrist as a chain which often includes links of Celtic symbols or flowers.

Popular designs for women include stars, kanji, hearts and text. Because of their visibility, it is common for people to choose something original that makes a strong but silent statement about their personality. Many people who decide to get tattoos on both wrists combine their designs so they are either very similar or the exact opposite.

As a final word, the person who decides to have a permanent tattoo done should be very comfortable with the entire process starting with the idea of having something for the rest of his or her life all the way down to the embedding (inking) as some researches done suggest that 35% of people that had a tattoo regretted it on the long run. The right design and artist will probably make you love your tattoo and not regret it. So choose your design very carefully before any decision is done and before taking it to the artist (parlor).