Lower back tattoos are by far the most popular type of tattoo for girls and women. 20% of women do tattoos on their lower backs, and that percentage is only rising! A lower tattoo on the back is a bold and sexy way to project the image about yourself that you want to.

Most of these tattoos are located in the middle of the lower back, but there are also some out there that are located more to the right or the left of the spine. Having it off center tones down the signal that most people get, but it is still nowhere near as popular as the more bold spine-placed tattoo.

Getting a symmetrical pattern design is both popular and attractive. There are several types of patterns to get tattooed to the lower back, and most of them are symmetrical. Flower, tribal, or Celtic symmetrical designs and patterns that spread out from the dead middle are especially popular. A perfect vine of flowers flowing and blooming out from your back can be very sexy.

There are two downsides to the popularity this location: The reputation and the popularity itself.

Since lower back tattoos are so popular it’s difficult to really brand yourself as original or unique if you have one. One fifth of women have a lower back tattoo, and that is no amount to scoff at. If you’re striving for being unique with your new tattoo, one of these is not for you. Consider a tattoo on your shoulder or on your hand.

Like anything that’s popular, there’s a certain kind of stigma that follows the tattoo residing on your lower back. Because of where it is, it has been nicknamed “the tramp stamp”. The name and what it implies is self-explanatory. When a girl bends over, the tattoo is usually visible unless her shirt is long enough to reach long past the lower back. When considering getting one keep in mind its popularity and what comes with that popularity.

If the this seems like it’s for you, despite what more negative people might think, then you’re joining in a trend that is sure not to die out anytime soon. They are on a roll and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any stopping it. If you’re worried about what people might say or don’t want to conform to a normal tattoo, try an off-center design as your own variation. Lower back tattoos may be extremely popular, but there is no reason for you to avoid throwing your own style into the trend.

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