A Tribal Libra tattoo is a great way to express the unique personality of the people born between September 24 and October 23. Diplomatic, tactful, seeking justice and social harmony at any cost the members of this sign have a lot to be proud of. Librans are also among the most elegant, charming and civilized creatures of the zodiac. If you recognize yourself in these qualities, then a tribal Libra tattoo will be perfect for you. However, don’t go for the generic tattoos. Do your research of possible tattoo designs and choose the one that really reflects your style and personality. Here are some ideas how you can make your tribal Libra tattoo stylish and original.

1 Incorporate the elements associated with the sign Libra. Each zodiac signs is represented by one of the 4 elements-earth, air, water and fire. Air signifies the power of movement, intelligence and ease of communication that is typical for Libra natives. The flower that symbolizes the sign Libra is daisy (loves me, loves me not) and the tree-acacia. The ruling planet is Venus (the Roman goddess of beauty and love).The various combinations between these elements allow for numerous artistic interpretations of the basic Libra tattoo.

2 Incorporate elements of Greek mythology and the image of Astraea. In Greek mythology Astraea was the daughter of Zeus and Themis. She and her mother were both personification of justice. According to the myth she was the last of the immortals who lived among humans. As the mankind grew wicked and evil , the goddess could not tolerate humans no more. While ascending to heaven, she dropped her scales. An interesting way to enrich the basic scale tattoo is to add the image of Astraea herself, blindfolded to show her sense of fairness.

3 Use ancient languages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tibetan)and translate the name of the Libra constellation or the Libra motto ” I balance”. Translations in ancient languages add a sense of mysticism and originality to the tattoo.

These are just a few tips how you can make your tribal Libra tattoo stylish and original. Invest enough time and effort to search for the tattoo design that really works for you. When it comes to tattoos, rash decisions can turn into lifelong regrets.

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