Like girls, guys also have the flare for colors and beauty. You would be surprise that they are also quite meticulous in choosing their own tattoo designs and they seek inspirations from various sources. Here are some of the most common drawings that they love.

Chains. Guys love the look of chains tattooed on their arms, back, or ankles. The way it is drawn in a coiled form sometimes covers their whole bicep or ankle areas. Styles could vary from the normal chains, barbed wire style, or spiked chains.

Cross. This usual illustration is quite famous for the guys. It may vary in size from small, medium, and large. Some cross tattoos have more carvings on the edges; some are the simple look of intersecting vertical and horizontal lines.

Anchor. Also considered as a sailor tattoo, this tattoo drawing has been around for many generations already and still creates the same frenzy in the tattoo industry even to this day.

Dragon. This mythical creature causes so much fascination to tattoo enthusiasts. It may because of its attractive look and the meaning it projects as well.

Fire. Guys are fond of the effect of flames and they use this as one of their tattoo designs. It usually comes with the smooth blend of colors of red, orange, and yellow.

Flower. You would not believe it but flowers are also bases of guys tattoo designs. Roses, cherry blossoms, and orchids are among the most preferred.

They are also into the symbols of their favorite sports or hobbies such as skateboard, ensigns of their most wanted teams in basketball, soccer, or rugby. For those who love fishing they may take the designs of sharks, dolphins, or barracudas. The younger generation also admires Anime characters that they also opt to have its names or pictures tattooed. The same way they do with their favorite video game characters.

The way that they choose their designs is all about their interests and its significance to them. They project their admiration and their desires through tattoos and usually they carve these on their chests, backs, arms, and necks.

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