The phrase, “tattoo designs”, is one of Google’s top 200 most searched phrases on the net. So, as you’d expect, there are plenty of tattoo sites and galleries, some good, most bad. When looking to buy tattoo designs on the web there are a few things you should know. This article explains what.

If you want buy designs online there are two basic options: members-only websites or downloads. Membership sites, like Chopper or Tattoo Me Now, give members full access to their gallery and resources. This can be monthly or a one-time payment for life access. Joining a members-only site will enable you to view tattoos and print them off. New designs are added to these collections and they can include features such as a community forum, members’ area and resource library. This is a good choice if you need tattoo ideas.

Downloads give you the whole collection to be saved onto your computer for a one-time payment. Usually this is instant. You can buy an individual design as in the case with Tattoo Johnny or an entire collection, like Crazy Tattoo Designs. This has the advantage of being yours to keep, but it is simply a collection or gallery without any extras. Usually with an entire collection you will have to browse page by page as there is no search option, though categories such as tribal, butterfly, etc, may be saved in different files.

One thing to do if you want to buy tattoos online is to find out what others who have paid for them think. Check out forums and feedback left on the net. Post a new thread if you need to. These, the ones who have used them, are the people to listen to.

When you come across a site that looks interesting the obvious thing is to have a look at the designs available on the website. A quality site is going to show you at least a few tattoos unless they think you’ll be put off by them. So this can be a good indication of what to expect. But don’t expect to see many, they won’t want others getting the artwork free.

Finally, find out if there is some kind of guarantee. If there is, it is in their interests to give you what you are paying for. This is a good indication of a quality site.

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