> Tiger Tattoo DesignsOne of the most popular type of tattoo tiger tattoo today. They essentially represent power, but also can have other meanings. For the Japanese samurai, the tiger was used as a character. If you are thinking about obtaining a tiger tattoo, you should know that it is usually determined on a fairly large size. Most chose the place for it is the biceps, because the primary importance is power.

Tiger Tattoo DesignsWhen people think about the Tigers, the first things that come to mind are the strength and courage, but there are other things they represent. Beauty, pride, passion and sensuality, are just some of the many symbols of the tiger might suggest. Unfortunate decline in the tigers only have even more popular amongst tattoo enthusiasts. Tigers are one of the endangered species, and there are plenty of people who fight for their protection. There are fewer than five thousand tigers in Asia and the fear that at some point may disappear completely from the surface, which would be incredibly sad reality.

Usually the colors used for tiger tattoos are black, gold and yellow. However, you can find patterns that are much more complex and use other colors too, but remember that tattoos are more difficult it will get more expensive. So the best way to proceed is to get the design that you like, print it and show it to the tattoo artist. If the design is complicated, you should also do your research on the artist. I sure would not want a tattoo go differently than you expected.

So if you think the tiger represents you and you like the look of this type of tattoo, I see no reason why you should not do. Many people choose a design based on what they believe and less on what it looks like.