Tribal Tattoo art has being around for at least 30,000 years. Man has always tried to distinguish himself, from other species and individuals. We all crave to be unique and special. A tattoo serves to bring that unique personality to the world.

Man as was the custom, used to be in tribes, or as we probably classify ourselves today, in races. We make unique marks on our bodies that today are known as tribal tattoos. Tattoos of the tribal designs, have originated from as old as the Egyptian era and have gained a resurgence today.

The Polynesian people probably have the oldest documented tribal tattoos. Other cultures such as North American Indian, African, Mayan, Aztec, Hawaiian, Samoan, Eskimo, Gothic, Celtic, Oriental and Asian Indian cultures have all practiced tribal tattoo art.

A Tribal tattoo gallery can comprise of all of the above and then specific types within these broad categories. For instance, tribal armband tattoos, lower back tribal tattoos and tribal Celtic tattoos to name a few. These can be further subdivided into three specific designs that are so popular today:

1. Sagittarius tribal Tattoos are hip. They are for both men and women, and In black or color. They can cover the whole body or special spots, such as the arm or lower back.

2. Tribal rose tattoos are also extremely popular. Especially among women. They are hundreds of designs to choose from. This is tribal tattoo art at it’s best. They can be placed on the upper, lower backs, arms and legs. These particular tattoos, can take more than one sitting to accomplish the finished product.

3. Scorpion tattoos are masterpieces, and can come with many different colors. They can be placed on any part of body hidden or visible. They lend a sense of mysticism to the person wearing this design.

As you can see, tribal tattoo art is both vibrant and alive. There are many designs to choose from. Ask friends and family about your personality, moods and habits. These factors will help you to make a wise choice.

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