A sexy wrist tattoo, especially inner wrist, is one of the most popular tattoo trends right now for women. Simply because it is just a cute little tattoo on the inner wrist that most of the time like a piece of jewelry will enhance your outer look. As you’re here, I’m going to give you a couple bits of advice that I’ve learned from my good friend, a tattooist, Mark, about wrist tattoos for girls. The key to getting a great tattoo that fits your body is being creative, also follow your heart and don’t let anybody’s opinion affect your decision.

1. Star tattoos

As you may know, all the star tattoo designs are really popular not only for women but also for men. However, as for the wrist tattoos, a star design would fit your feminine style perfectly as for its size and definition. A star tattoo can represent a hope, striving to achieve your goal to a shinning, bright side of your life. A shooting star tattoos can symbolize a special moment or event that change your life while a nautical star tattoos represent protection and guidance. Moon star tattoos also a good choice for the sexiness designs.

2. Script tattoos

Script tattoos can be a famous saying or quote from a poem, song, or movie that you really like to remember. Some examples are like: love, hate, dreams are dreams… To make it a little more mystical, you can always get them writing in some foreign languages such as Arabic, Latin, Japanese, or Sanskrit

3. Flower tattoos

There are so many different kinds of flower tattoos and each of them has different symbolism. It’s all up to your taste on what kind of flower tattoo design to choose. I personally like the hibiscus flower tattoos or also known as the Hawaiian flower tattoos for its sexy look. Hawaiian flower often symbolize short life so it somewhat saying enjoy the moment while it last, life is short. Red rose represent love, sunflower is strength, forget-me-not is hope and memories, cherry blossom is just cute.

4. Kissing lips

Bring the sexy back with a pair of pink/red lips. I have to say this design is really popular these days, often very common. Lips are often viewed as a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. Though lips are used in many different ways, when thinking out lips, we tend to think about intimacy and sex.

5. Bracelet tattoo

Many women choose a bracelet tattoo due its sexy looking. Wrapping around the wrist, this tattoo design is attractive and standout easily. You can also be a little more creative by combine this with the Celtic knot band or barbed wired for more interesting tattoo designs.

There’s a time when you have to decide which tattoo is going to stay with you and I hope these couple tips here can help you out.

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