The Best Designs And Free Ideas For Leo Zodiac Tattoos

If you were born between July 23 and August 22 then under the western astrological calendar you are a Leo. Leo have wonderfully communicative personalities and love to be out there. They are often the life of the party and have a naturally affinity for the theater. Tattoos are very hot among most Leos because of the flair for the dramatic. If you are one of those people looking for a Leo tattoo for yourself or maybe you want to find a great tattoo for the Leo in your life then this article is for you. It will go into some design ideas for Leo zodiac tattoos.

Leo Tattoo Ideas: The Lion
Lions are the animal most closely associated with the Leo sign and it of course is no mistake that lions are the king of the jungle. This fits perfect with a Leo’s personality of living life large! Therefor a very natural tattoo idea is to incorporate a large lion. Their great main can be flowing in the wind making for a rather large and majestic tattoo design that almost any Leo would be proud to wear. Also being king of the jungle means you get to wear a crown something most Leos will love so you might want to include a crown on your lion tattoo design.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas: Fire
Another great theme that can be used alone to develop a tattoo or in conjunction with other parts of a design is flames and fire. Fire is the element that rules the Leo sign and therefore is closely connected with it. There are a lot of really great tattoo designs that incorporate fire and flames and they look incredible. There are lots of bright colors and strong bold lines making a flame tattoo incredibly attractive. There is always the flames from the wrist extended up the arms but you can also choose to use flames behind the lion. It is up to you but flames always make for a great tattoo design.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas: The Sun
It really can’t get any better then this can it? The Leo’s is ruled by the sun and this is yet another great image that can easily be made into all kinds of really great looking tattoos. You can do a tribal sun design, a sun with a lion or just a beautiful sun with a face and rays coming down across the body. There are so many different tattoo designs for the sun that this is a perfect tattoo for any Leo it is also strong and bold.

Leo Tattoo Ideas: The Astrological Sign
As another option for your tattoo design you can always easily include the astrological symbol for the Leo. It is a sort of snake looking U shaped figure that can be done by itself but also will look great if it is incorporated into any of the above designs. It would work well with a background of flames behind it or possibly below a sun or Lion. Whatever you choose you might want to consider adding in the actual zodiac symbol for extra flare.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas: Written
If you are not sure about any of the above ideas and none of them really stand out for what you want to do then you might be thinking about getting a written tattoo. There are many different beautiful script styles and things a tattoo artist can do to supplement a written tattoo. Just getting the words Leo written in a beautiful script is a great idea. You can of course do this when combined with any of the other designs also.

Who Should Get A Leo Tattoo
One of the best thing about astrological and zodiac tattoos is they are not gender specific and they look incredible on both men and women. Of course women might not want a big black tribal of a lion on their back but there are many lion tattoos that can be done with a beautifully flower mane that would work well for women also. Really any of the designs can be done in a variety of ways to suit both males and females that is the greatest thing about zodiac tattoo designs.

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