Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

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The quarter sleeve tattoo is a partial design which starts at the top of the shoulder and usually extends to just above the bicep area. And despite these shorter sleeve designs being rather small in size, they really pack a punch, as you can includes several smaller tattoo designs within this compact quarter sleeve.

Skull and flowers quarter idea.
Aztec inspired quarter tattoo.
Voodoo skull and vegetation art.
Japanese dragon and crystal ball idea.
Koi fish and water artwork.

Sleeve Tattoos

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Full sleeve tattoos start at the top of the shoulder and stretch down the entire arm to the wrist. And if you fully intend on getting a sleeve tattoo, its absolutely essential to pick out the right tattoo artist for the job, and the best way to evaluate an artist is to view his previous work, so don’t be afraid to ask.

These sleeve designs below are some real top quality masterpieces, so perhaps you can gather some ideas within the artwork.

Alice in wonderland inspired artwork.
Dragon and flowers idea.
Classic sailor Jerry inspired art.
Asian themed idea.
Voodoo with witchdoctor.
Nintendo Mario with light cartoon flavor.
Retro with good look charms.

Half Sleeve Tattoos

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Half sleeve tattoos generally start at the very top of the shoulder and run down below the bicep, often to the elbow. However some people refer to half sleeves as starting at the elbow and running down to the wrist. Then again, i suppose there is two halves to every arm, so both estimations would be correct.

This picture gallery showcases some very beautiful and quite colorful sleeve tattoos which are seen on men, but look just as amazing on women as well.

Colorful array of toys tattoo.
Koi fish and lotus flower idea.
Large cross with birds.
Halloween inspired design with smiling pumpkin.
Chinese dragon with dark cloudy background.
Superbly inked reptilian beast with fiery orb.

Forearm Tattoos For Women

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Checkout this little picture gallery of excellent forearm tattoo ideas for women, consisting of some very well inked designs ranging in style from cupcakes to nautical stars, which are quite popular among men as well.

Unlike their male counterpart, its far less common to see women with sleeve tattoos, however its not complete rare either. Women tend to prefer a single tattoo design on the forearm area or perhaps a compilation of two pieces of art.

Nautical stars forearm tattoo.
Lovely sunflower idea for the ladies.
Tribal hooks and red roses.
Celtic inspired crown and heart idea.
Mix of tribal and single red star.
Script idea for girl or guys.
Delicious cupcake with tasty sprinkles on top…

Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

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Here we see a beautiful array of forearm sleeve tattoos, showcasing drastically different themed designs which will help you conjure up some ideas for your own personal sleeve tattoo.

Selecting each and every small detail that makes up a sleeve tattoo can be quite a prolonged experience, however it helps tremendously if you consult your tattoo artist beforehand, so he or she can help walk you through a list of ideas.

Demon warrior artwork.
Blue themed forearm design with many eyes.
John Mayer flower inspired artwork.
Large skull forearm idea.
Mechanical gears and chains inspiration.
David Beckham angel and clouds ink.
Beautiful Asian theme with tigers.

Forearm Tattoos For Men

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With so many tattoo choices under the sun, it can be difficult deciding which design to pursue. This picture gallery has some great forearm tattoo ideas for men, including skulls, charms and fish.

This is just a small taste of ideas to get you started off on the right foot when beginning your quest for the perfect forearm tattoo.

Statue of liberty forearm tattoo idea.
Four leaf clover ideas.
Cross with skull faces.
Close up rose.
Koi fish.
Pair of lucky dice.
Graffiti style artwork.

Forearm Tattoos

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The forearm is an excellent location for a number of sleek tattoo designs, including such things as flowers, stars and daggers, often seen running vertically down the forearm to the wrist area.

We also see quite a few partial sleeve tattoos which focus on the forearm area and are often called half sleeves, appose to a full sleeve design which begins at the top of the shoulder area.

White rose idea.
Tribal on inner portion.
Detailed black panther artwork.
Smattering of stars.
Black snake and dagger ink.
Tribal artwork.
Green dragon.

Foot Tattoos For Women

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The foot is a very popular area for women to get a tattoo, often on the top portion or along the side of the foot. This location is beloved for being for perhaps the cutest of all the appendages of the human body.

Women seem to prefer tattoo designs which possess extreme beauty with a tough of artsy appeal, and some of the more common tattoos designs include flowers, stars and vines.

Checkout these pictures of women with lovely foot artwork.

Flower idea snapshot.
Shooting stars artwotk.
Stars and vine for ladies.
Up close idea for girls.
Small flower idea picture.
Swirl of stars image.
Butterfly and name photo.

Foot Tattoos For Men

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Its often thought that foot tattoos are solely for women (no pun intended), however many men or taking the plunge and getting tattoos on their feet as well.

And while women choose more charming and innocent foot tattoos, men naturally conjure up ideas for more daring foot tattoo designs, like we see in the pictures below.

Tribal design photo.
Heart and dagger picture with love.
Dragon image.
The truth is out there motto.
Funny shoelaces idea.

Foot Tattoos

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Foot tattoos are very popular and most common among people who wish to have a tattoo design that is easily concealable, and just as easy to showoff with a pair of sandals or even by going barefoot.

Foot tattoos are usually seen on women, but not exclusively, and some of the most popular designs include butterflies, flowers and stars.

Matching designs.
Beautiful flower.
Colorful ankle flower.
Cute small stars picture.
Flower vine ink design.
Butterfly photo.
Large flower artwork.

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