If you are an adult and you want to ink your first tattoo then you should remember that out of every 5 tattooed person, one person repent having their tattoo. It is not very easy to remove it. It becomes the part of you. Removing unwanted tattoo is now become a fast growing industry. Laser removal of small tattoo will cost around $200-$500 depending upon the ink and the size.

The safest tattoo design for the first timer is use their zodiac sign as tattoo design. If you are Leo according to the astrology then you have many choices as far as Leo tattoo designs are concerned. The basic symbol of Leo is lion. There are many different versions of lions sketches are available which can be used for tattoo. Since most of the designs of lion tattoos are not small, you can’t ink it anywhere in your body. Bigger area like shoulders, chest etc is more suitable for lion tattoos.

This does not mean that all the Leo tattoo sketches are large. There are many cute small Leo tattoo drawings. As the glyph of Leo is very small and straight forward, you can use the variation of this glyph as your design. The glyph resembles coiled snake. Unbalancing the curved part of the Leo glyph will create some spectacular designs. You can use these Leo tattoo sketches on your wrist, on your feet or anywhere you wish.

Recently there is a new trend to incorporate tribal, Celtic and other designs in to the Leo glyph which looks unique and different. There are both online and offline resources where you can see the lots of Leo tattoo designs. Take your own time in selecting the design which will suit your liking and personality.

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