Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

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Japanese sleeve tattoos are truly stunning works of art, often containing such designs as dragons, flowers and plant life, fish, animals such as cats and of course the Japanese sword wielding samurai.

Enjoy these wonderful pictures of cool Japanese sleeve tattoo ideas below.

Flowers, clouds and flames design.
Bright and colorful idea with vegetation and sun beams.
Flowers and ocean waves idea.
Peacock and bengal tiger artwork.
Animal inspired with sea creature.
Cloud base with samurai and tiger.
Koi fish.

Yin Yang Tattoos

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Chinese philosophy describes yin yang as how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, such as dark and light, cold and hot, female and male. These photos showcase the true beauty and balance of yin yang tattoos.

Yin yang tattoo design, one on each wrist.

Tribal yin yang tattoo design on back left shoulder.