>Death Note Cute Action Figure

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Yagami Raito Action Figure from Death Note

Misa Amane Action Figure from Death Note

AGZ : Death Note Cute Action Figure

>Death Note Black Raito Wallpaper

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Death Note Black Raito Wallpaper

Yagami Raito with deathscyte and dark background

>Death Note Anime Review

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Yagami Light is the perfect hero as you could imagine – a perfect score, perfect public record, looks perfect – in every aspect, the image is squeaky clean.
All this ended one fateful day when he was known as the Shinigami Ryuk dropped his Death Note out of the realm of the afterlife, the Light of the school. Light tripped on it and read the instructions: write the name of the person you want to die in Death Note – with their image in your mind – and they will die in a way that you set in this supernatural journal. If not, if it is not specified in writing, the victim will, in a few minutes, suffered a fatal heart attack.
Thinking that stupid joke at first, put to the test light when saving an innocent woman from being attacked. With horror, it works. Can clean the world of criminals be this easy?
Inspired by the new renewed sense of justice, Light indulge fully in his new power, self-correct and claimed the new carrier, utopian future


Perhaps the most anticipated anime in the Winter 2006/2007 season, and perhaps the new year (Nodame Cantabile, perhaps?) Death Note brings the story elements and intellectual integrity that is more often seen in classical literature collegeate than your usual Shounen Jump title.
First we have the Platonic “Gyges’ Ring” scenario – in the discourse in Plato’s Republic, integrity and fairness are finite fundamental questions in a sequence deemed by sin, human limited capacity and they are very ruooted sense of pride and self-righteousness. Light the main character is the incarnation of this discourse, a perfect character seems driven to obsession over the idea of becoming like a god. At first, good intentions – rapists, child molesters, seBut putting such power into the hands of a man – as perfect as possible Light – corruption, as history proves time and again.

Death Note accompanying the original owner, the shinigami Ryuk. Instead morally bound to serve as a light or conscience or guide, Ryuk hangs around just to be spectators – said human to be “interesting.”

While this itself makes an interesting plot, what really makes the Death Note series is a top caliber character that causes obstruction to Light’s mission. Topping the cast is a fan favorite L, the characters just indescribable. A shady, mysterious, but rather eccentric genius, L is probably the only thought that can match the slick Light. Cat-and-mouse power games between the two young men who seduce and amaze, make you laugh (not for the sake of comedy) and keeping you in every frame, soaking in every detail and anticipate next steps. Adorable, but tragically the Mass is another owner of Death Note, and a crazy sad with Light and dutifully do their bidding, while at the same time threatening immune to the tracking task force he was.

This is only the first ten episodes or more. This series is simple enough for anyone to understand, but at the same time deep enough and smart enough for those looking for something very heavy sink their teeth into. In addition, this series offers something that not many other series do – the moral puzzle.What if we have a Death Note? Do we use it? How do we use it? Is it possible to use it without change into what the Light?

The production values leave me with nothing to complain. A best-selling series like Death Note, like Nana and the titles of other popular manga, has an obligation to its fans to give them something that the quality of work. Smooth animation, character design and the faithful really bring life to the characters. Music is fantastic, and some anime seiyuu among top players, including Mamoru Miyano (Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club) as the Light, Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha from Inuyasha) as L, and Hirano Aya (Haruhi from The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as the Mass. You really can not go wrong with this series. And this coming from a Christian – I’m not at all offended by this series, this is a fantastic scenario philosophical and theological.

How to see this series as a social comment? Each side of the political spectrum or anyone with any kind of religious affiliation can find the hot topic issues that make a great discussion. This is a series that will make you think. That’s more than just passive entertainment, even if only what you make it. That’s the beauty of Death Note. And fortunately, it was shining brightly through the ugliness that no doubt to come to the characters.

>Death Note – Yagami Raito and L White Picture

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Death Note – Yagami Raito and L White Picture
Yagami Raito and L with White Background
from Death Note Anime

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