The world of Aztec tattoo designs is a very tribal and important one indeed. What you need to know before you get an Aztec tattoo design is that permanence and creativity walk hand-in-hand. As the Aztec Indian tribes of yesteryear taught their troops right before a battle, patience, permanence and being creative on the battlefield are very important goals and should be held in the highest regards before and after and even during the battle. Sadly the Aztec Nation is just a distant but vibrant memory that was permanently erased from the Earth.

The History
Since tattoos have been around for many centuries and have been used for so many other reasons that go beyond aesthetic quality, it is important to understand the ancient tribes known as the Aztecs. The Aztecs adorned their bodies with tattoos much as we wear decorated dresses and business suits today. The Aztecs lived in the area of Mexico in North America. The popularity of their tattoo designs has never been as high as many individuals are really getting to know the Aztec culture and the creation of tattoo designs for the gods of their culture. The designs that are Aztec are also functional and helped to define a person and their well-known characteristics. Aztec designs shout-out volumes without speaking a single word.

The Culture
Most of the symbols that are taken from the Aztec tattoo designs symbolize eagles and the sun. For centuries the Aztecs ruled that part of the world and gave us some of the most beautiful and interesting Aztec designs. From the wild game that the Aztec people hunted and lived upon, to the gods that were in the heavens and all around them in their natural surroundings, the Aztec design department is a very busy one these days. Known for both beauty and supple quality of nature and fluidity of living within nature and within one’s own means, the Aztec heritage and culture is one of the most interesting and beloved of all. Many individuals today lament the loss of the Aztec culture and wish that they could have done something so many centuries ago. Yet, there was nothing that could be done, as fate was called upon.
Meanings of the Tattoos
If you choose to wear an Aztec tattoo, then it is best to research the meaning of the Aztec design symbol that you may put on your body. A great example of an Aztec tattoo design is the Aztec Thunderbird. Many celebrities as well as sports personalities and the common person sport this tattoo of a winged creature and do so with both pride and respect for the Aztec culture. Some of the most important design translations to know before you start to select an Aztec tattoo are that these symbols mean something, all of them. You must do your research and select one that is not just known for its aesthetic beauty but also has a deeper, more personal meaning to you. In this way you will not offend the Aztec people who are still on the earth and you will be seen as a respectful person.