>K-On! Anime Reviews

K-On! manga is a four-panel comic written and illustrated by a series Kakifly by Manga Time Kirara since May 2007 edition. This was adapted into 13-episode anime series by Kyoto Animation, famous for their work, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. 13-episode anime focuses on the previous chapters of the manga. A sequel to the series said it would air this April 7, 2010 titled, K-On! (With two exclamation points).

Yui Hirasawa, a first year high school students want something new in his life and he decided to join the club, but who will he join the club? Meanwhile, Ritsu, who wants to join the Light Music Club, found that the club is closed for now due to all members of the club last school year passed the word, therefore, he dragged his friend to join the club said Mio. So, Light Music Club has two members, who then added with Mugi Tsumugi better known as magic on the keyboard.

Let us return to Yui. He saw the poster of Light Music Club on the bulletin board thinks that Light Music is about playing “soft” instruments such as musical instruments. After she applied for the club, which he knew that playing a musical instrument is not applicable to said club! Yui decided to go to the clubroom and apologized to the members.

After the other three women have learned that the last member they want to stop, the three decided to convince himself, by Mugi always bring candy for the clubroom, until finally, they were able to convince Yui to stay at the club by playing their music, which impressed Yui and finally, to join the club. They asked him if he knew any instrument, he replied he did not know how to play musical instruments. Ouch.

As the series develops, Yui learn how to play guitar and later, became the band’s vocalist. After a series of practices, it was time for the club to shine, but there is one problem, they do not have a lawyer. After discovering that Miss Sawako is a member of the Light Music Club back in the day in high school, Ritsu adviser squeezed into them if he does not agree, Ritsu would spread the word that behind the benevolent attitude of a teacher once a member of metal band back in the day. With no other choice, Miss Sawako club adviser.

As a tight bond girl, in their second year in high school, they add new members, Azusa, a freshman, who played guitar longer than a blessing Yui with her parents’ musical background.

On to review, honestly, what shines in the K-On! Are not their performance on stage but the events that took place backstage. K-On!, If you remove the music, the band, it will be the usual drama about four teenage girls and their dreams to become famous someday. If you ask me, it was too common, but what K-On! not different, what they did is they decided to make the main character, in self-Yui from someone who does not aim at first, being someone who has goals in life, to appear on a large stage with a legion of fans supporting them. K-On! coming of age story from the air heading Yui Hirasawa, Big Brother is not responsible for Ui be a person who has goals in life with his friends behind him along the road.

Overall, for the thirteen-episode show, it’s really doing a good job in terms of story and animation, probably one of the thirteen shows, the most successful anime episodes since The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Because of this event left the impression, I am sure to watch Beck: The Mongolian Chop Squad, another anime that involves the band.