Nicole Richie joined the ranks of celebrities with body are but her tattoos seem to very popular. Nicole Richie has around 8 to 10 tattoos but no confirmed. Those that are most visible include the ones on her neck and back with a few more elusive ones. Her recent tattoo of rosary on her foot is both popular and controversial at the same time. Nicole’s tattoos have some tasteful choices and are for the most part very original.Nicole Richie’s latest tattoo of rosary beads and a cross have contributed to a drove of young women wanting the same body art but has also lead to some controversial debates as well. The tattoo was done very tastefully and actually looks very stylish which could lead to other rosary tattoos as well.Nicole Richie’s colored wing tattoos on her back are another popular body art. The wings are slightly colorful and the distance between is about equal. Kind of a simple tattoo but still a good selection which can be seen when she wears backless dresses or other non covering clothes. Nicole Richie also has a tattoo on her lower back which seems to be a tribal design.Nicole also has a tattoo of a red ribbon and the word “Richie” on the back of her neck. This is a small tattoo like the wings on her back and can usually be seen when her hair is in a bun or updo.There is also a pair of ballerina shoes tattoos located at her lower abdomen, which is a tribute to her father’s song “Ballerina Girl”.There are also two tattoos around the inner wrist area of both arms. One is a red centered star design while the other is the word “Virgin”. Both are small but stand out.

Nicole has brandished these different tattoos on her many celebrity appearances and she continually remains one of the more popular women who brings about tattoo trends.