I was thinking just the other day, I had for some reason been getting a lot of hits on this old blog post, so maybe it was time to add to the list of obscure things that would say “You might be Episcopalian…”

You Might Be Episcopalian…

…if you know what Whitsunday is, and that the church paraments should be RED.

…if your Shrove Tuesday fundraiser in the undercroft features beer.

…if you visit someone else’s church in March, see a vase of flowers behind the altar and think, “You don’t do flowers in Lent!”

…if you have a very distinctly fixed set of songs in your head that qualify as “processional hymns,” and you complain that anything outside that list causes you to remark, “That’s not a processional hymn.”

…if you’ve watched a podcast of a bishop being ordained, and raved about how cool it was.

…if you know what the sursum corda, the Sanctus, the Anaphora, and the Agnus Dei are.

…if you have a preference of Eucharistic Prayers A through D.

…if you know what The Book of Occasional Services is, as well as what EOW stands for.

…if you can point to the narthex, the nave, the sacristy, the chancel, and the undercroft.

…if you give directions of where to put things in church as “The Gospel side” and “the epistle side.”

…if, when someone tells you they read the Bible every day, you respond with, “Oh, I do the Daily Office, too.”

…if you’ve ever wondered why you kneel in Eucharistic Prayer B, when the line says, “worthy to stand before you.”

…if you are absolutely certain that some parts of the Nicene Creed are “just not right,” but say it anyway.

…if you have a strong personal theological opinion why the announcements are at the beginning, the middle, or the end of church–or not have announcements in church at all.

…if you’ve ever refered to a regular household activity as the “sacrament of,” or the “liturgy of,” such as “The Saturday Sacrament of the Laundry,” or “The Liturgy of the Nap.”

…if you know the names of at least ten bishops, and in which diocese they reside.

…if, in true “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” fashion, you brag that you are three degrees from the Presiding Bishop…but when you get to thinking about it, all your Episcopalian friends are three degrees or fewer from her, too.