>Obviously there are some concerns about the dangers of this disease, you need to understand that this disease is spread through intimate contact with body fluids, blood, and semen
In the manufacture of tattoo to avoid diseases such as disease or other diseases you have to consider whether the instrument used for tattooing has been cleaned before
In this disease most infections occur in drug users, usually in IDUs, where they enter the drug in a syringe and injected in their bodies and each took turns
But it is different in tattoo art, but even so, to avoid the things we do not want us to be vigilant, notice that the needles that will be used has been used before, would not it have been used
Make sure the tattoo tool has been free from germs
Make sure after you have you been tattooed by artisans briefed the tattoo, and make sure the results of your tattoo is covered by protected from all ills